7 Benefits of a Docusearch Hidden Asset Search

Did you know that about 20% of people in the US hide assets from their spouses? And it’s not only spouses, as it happens in business too, where, for example, one partner hides assets or money from...

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Bank Account Search: 7 Must-Knows Before You Search in 2024

1. Who Should Search For Hidden Bank And/Or Brokerage Accounts? Anyone contemplating a divorce, attempting to collect a judgment, contesting a will or requesting a child support modification should...

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Finding Current Place of Employment: A Critical Tool for Wage Garnishment

Does someone owe you debt? Have the repayments owed to you been defaulted? In this detailed passage learn what a wage garnishment is, its different types, and what necessary tools are required to...

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Finding Bank Accounts & Hidden Assets In A Divorce

The next time you sit down to lunch with nine of your friends, take a look around. Odds are that four or five of you are going to wind up getting divorced. Even worse, that divorce...

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Bank Account Search:
Reasons Why You Need to Find Hidden Assets

It may sound like something out of a spy movie, but finding hidden assets and looking for hidden bank accounts is a big part of real life, too.  Even if they're not doing it for any kind of...

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How to Find Someones Place of Employment

If you need to verify where someone is employed, you're probably not too happy about it.  After all, employment checks are usually done after something has gone wrong -- like...

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