Current Employment Lookup

This search is useful in attaching to a judgment debtor’s wages; it includes employer name, address and telephone number.


Current Employment Lookup Rated 4.88 out of 5 based on 27 ratings and 27 customer reviews.

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Current Employment Lookup Reviews:

“Docusearch is awesome”

Reviewed 04-14-2023 22:24:24, by Johnny   5/5 Stars
I'm glad I did my research and came across Docusearch. I wasn't really skeptical, just more worried that nothing would come up under the person I am after that I had sued. Well I must say Docusearch did the work and boy was it worth it. Paid a bit for the info I needed but from the results considering other services and what they charge and uncertainty I can honestly say Docusearch was just great. Thank you Docusearch Team!

“Angry Mom”

Reviewed 10-01-2021 15:51:11, by Take That!   5/5 Stars
Found the hidden accounts in a child support dispute! Proof to the court that my ex is working and hiding his income!

“Child support dispute”

Reviewed 10-01-2021 15:39:24, by Mom   5/5 Stars
Found his hidden bank accounts to prove to the court that he is a liar!!


Reviewed 04-02-2019 15:39:59, by Melissa   5/5 Stars
Docusearch never fails me!!! Because of Docusearch, I am able to serve my ex-husband's employer with wage garnishment papers. My ex keeps quitting jobs as soon as I find his employer (he's an professional - engineer) because he doesn't want to pay his court-ordered spousal support. I raised his 3 kids while he was able to obtain a retirement pension from the Navy, yet he doesn't want to do what is ordered after 20 years together! Thank you Docusearch!!! I love this company!

“Great Results”

Reviewed 07-26-2018 20:14:22, by RickD   5/5 Stars
I have been very surprised and please with Docusearch after using other services that over promise and under-deliver.

Current Employment Lookup Rated 4.88 out of 5 based on 27 ratings and 27 customer reviews. BBB Business Review