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Search For Date of Birth Rated 4.97 out of 5 based on 513 ratings and 513 customer reviews.

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Search For Date of Birth Reviews:


Reviewed 03-03-2022 20:56:28, by ECH, Guardian ad Litem   5/5 Stars
I've been looking for this information on behalf of an incapacitated person for MONTHS. I found you online, called, filled out the form, and got the information back within ten minutes. REVOLUTIONARY! I will be telling all my colleagues about your service. Thank you!


Reviewed 02-27-2022 23:36:00, by Ty   5/5 Stars
This worked perfectly for me. My brother passed away suddenly and I had no idea what his SSN was. I needed this for the death certificate and thanks to this service, I was able to accomplish this. Thank you!

“Much needed help”

Reviewed 02-02-2022 05:34:11, by TrussChick   5/5 Stars
LIFESAVER!!!! Down to a tax deadline, back against the wall, and BAM!!! You delivers! ThAnK YoU!!!

“Amazing Service!”

Reviewed 01-31-2022 19:04:09, by SP   5/5 Stars
I am so impressed with this service! Not only did they help me discover important yet hard to find information needed to move forward with managing the estate of a deceased relative - but the speed at which the information was delivered was blinding! I don't know that everyone can br as lucky as me, but it took less about two or three minutes to solve an issue my sister had been struggling with for hours in the weeks before. Absolutely outstanding!! Thank you so much!!

“Happy Customer”

Reviewed 01-28-2022 02:38:51, by Happy Customer   5/5 Stars
I found this site very helpful. I was freaking out concerned that I would not be able to issue proper paperwork because my ex-employee would not answer her phone. Found this site and they were quick in getting me the info I needed. Thank You

Search For Date of Birth Rated 4.97 out of 5 based on 513 ratings and 513 customer reviews.