Bank Account Search:
Reasons Why You Need to Find Hidden Assets

It may sound like something out of a spy movie, but finding hidden assets and looking for hidden bank accounts is a big part of real life, too.  Even if they’re not doing it for any kind of criminal reason, lots of people hide information about themselves — especially when it comes to their assets.

But don’t you have to be a police officer to uncover that kind of information?
Not always.
In fact, proficient licensed investigators also have the tools to find hidden bank accounts and uncover hidden assets.  So, how does this affect you?

Find hidden assets with a bank account search

If you’re relying on public records to tell you everything you need to know about a person, you could be missing out on valuable information.  If any of these 6 situations apply to you, you need to hire someone to look for hidden assets:

1. You’re getting divorced

No matter how amicable your divorce may be, you need to make sure that your soon-to-be ex isn’t hiding anything from you.  Locating hidden bank accounts or other assets can make a huge difference in the settlement you get. As reported in a recent CNBC report, 7.2 million Americans are hiding money from their spouse.  That’s a staggering 26%.

2. You’re trying to get your child support or alimony

If your divorce was finalized a long time ago — but your ex isn’t sending you a check every month like he’s supposed to — you’d be foolish not to look for hidden assets. The State (or Court) will not search for you.  If you suspect you’re ex is holding back, you better check.  You and your children’s welfare may depend upon it!

3. You’re thinking about filing a lawsuit

No matter how badly you may have been wronged, filing a lawsuit does you no good if the person you’re suing doesn’t have any money.  Even if you win, the defendant won’t be able to pay the judgment!  Until you try to locate bank accounts and hidden assets, you won’t know if your potential lawsuit is a waste of time.

4. You’re trying to collect a civil judgment

If you’ve already gone through the litigation process — and emerged victorious — you’re responsible for making sure the other party actually pays up.  If the other side is crying poor, a hidden asset search can tell you if they’re lying or not.

5. You’re about to take on a new business partner

If you’re about to trust a partner with something as important as your business, you need to make sure your potential partner deserves that trust.  What if you find out he’s hiding assets and other information from you?  Do you really want to get into business with someone who isn’t being completely honest?

6. You’re contesting a will

The death of a loved one is stressful enough; you don’t need to get ripped off in the process.  Hiring someone to find hidden assets can tell you if you’re getting your fair share from the estate.

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