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We search credit bureaus to find updated address information.


Locate By SSN Rated 4.97 out of 5 based on 451 ratings and 451 customer reviews.

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Locate By SSN Reviews:

“Social Security number”

Reviewed 02-10-2020 16:26:47, by Nicole   5/5 Stars
Wow!! So impressed by the quickness of my results!! They called me immediately and gave my results I needed within minutes!! I highly recommend this site!!!

“Quick and easy”

Reviewed 02-03-2020 17:05:54, by DonnaH   5/5 Stars
Before I could finish reading the order confirmation, I received the phone interview. Within 2 minutes of completing that, I had the information I had requested. Quick, polite, and professional.

“Fast and Professional”

Reviewed 01-30-2020 16:25:50, by Joe C   5/5 Stars
I was getting the run around from an independent contractor and needed to send out his 1099. I found Docusearch on a google search. The website was easy and clear to navigate. The interview to confirm the purpose of the inquiry was quick and professional. I had my information with an hour. Thank you for making this an easy process.

“Request for a Social Security Number.”

Reviewed 01-30-2020 00:02:24, by ALG   4/5 Stars
Literally within a couple of minutes of my Social Security # request I received the answer I so desperately needed to move forward with with my civil judgement case. Super sonic fast with no verification follow up phone call. I quess the information I supplied was easily traced to my case #. I can't express enough gratitude for how much DocuSearch helped me out. I was baffled for weeks because the U.S. Postal Service will NOT process a wage garnishment without a SS#. I thought for weeks that my case is at a dead end and I am forced to leave it die. But you guys at DocuSearch proved to be my life-line !! Tons of thanks ... I will definitely remember this great service in the future and will be telling friends & family about it too.

“Excellent quick results!”

Reviewed 01-29-2020 01:45:56, by Lyn   5/5 Stars
Great experience! Quick results! Will definitely use them again!

Locate By SSN Rated 4.97 out of 5 based on 451 ratings and 451 customer reviews.