In Brief


  • Business' Full Employer Identification Number

What's Needed:

  • Full corporate name
  • Complete street address
  • Helpful: director/officer names


Find Federal Employer Identification Number Rated 4.85 out of 5 based on 20 ratings and 20 customer reviews.

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Find Federal Employer Identification Number Reviews:

“Fast results that no one else could find”

Reviewed07-31-2017 19:46:13, by   5/5 Stars
I spent over $1000 on other companies that claimed they could get me bank account information. None of them came close to giving me any useful information at all. found accurate information and delivered it quickly. They are now my go-to asset search company.

“Thank you so much for your help!!!!”

Reviewed08-03-2016 18:24:04, by   5/5 Stars
Thank you so much for your help! Now I will submit this to my case manager! My daughters father abandoned my daughter and has hid from us for 7 years and refused to comply with any of the judge's orders. Thank you so much! I thought I would have to get someone to follow him... I don't know how to thank you.. I can get this information to the state of Illinois now. We may never see a dime but now he is going to be held accountable for his actions. Good enough for me. This is not about money it is about integrity and having honor. God Bless!

“Five stars is not enough for docusearch”

Reviewed05-26-2016 16:45:51, by   5/5 Stars
My ex tried to hide seven digits of cash in a divorce. Docusearch found the cash. Thank you ! Now we are going to do a brokerage search ! Every dog has his day.. We are going to give that dog his day.

“employment search”

Reviewed04-15-2016 17:21:34, by   5/5 Stars
Search very effective - very satisfied- This service is professional, Not sure there is another quite like it. If you know in your heart that your search is entirely warranted -- then this one is for you.

“document search ”

Reviewed03-10-2016 14:18:43, by   5/5 Stars
Great search site. Very easy to use. Got information back very fast. Easy payment. Definitely will use this service again.

Find Federal Employer Identification Number Rated1 4.85 out of 5 based on 20 ratings and 20 customer reviews.