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“Use Docusearch no hesitation ”

Reviewed 09-08-2022 20:45:13, by Maxim   5/5 Stars
Docusearch will get what you need and get it fast. Don?t consider another place, I looked for hours and this was the top of the list by miles!

“He thought he was slick”

Reviewed 09-06-2022 14:25:52, by Bubblesdlux   5/5 Stars
Husband and I sold a boat to this cat. He made payments. Then husband died, and he put me off for 3 years. I took him to court, and won a balance judgment against him. He put me off longer. Now I have his SS# thanks to Docusearch. I?m a little nervous to proceed, but he?s on parole with another court date set for October 10th. I need to retrieve my balance before he goes back to prison.


Reviewed 09-02-2022 19:25:08, by FERMIN T.   5/5 Stars
when doing business with people that denied themselves to provide their information to issue proper form 1099-NEC, this service is awesome and indispensable !

“Very Fast Very Professional”

Reviewed 08-25-2022 22:20:38, by Shane   5/5 Stars
5 stars Thank you Dan

“ For filing of 1099”

Reviewed 08-22-2022 20:09:46, by janmarie oakley   5/5 Stars
I have caregivers for my son who is paralyzed and some of them have quit and did not leave me their social..due to filing SS benefits and the IRS I need to file a 1099..Wasn't sure what to do..thank you so much. Now I will search for the others.

People Searches Rated1 4.97 out of 5 based on 527 ratings and 527 customer reviews.