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People Searches Reviews:


Reviewed 05-20-2020 21:31:53, by SLM   5/5 Stars
Very prompt service. Received the information I was seeking in less than an hour. Would highly recommend.

“So grateful! Thank you!”

Reviewed 04-21-2020 20:50:32, by Jessica H   5/5 Stars
All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart! I had my results in less than 20 minutes! God bless whoever did my search!

“Phenomenal Service”

Reviewed 03-28-2020 14:18:04, by Cjs2020   5/5 Stars
Super fast and transparent. No games or gimmicks. Been using since 2011 - 5 stars

“Grateful ”

Reviewed 02-28-2020 16:28:57, by Bubblesdlux   5/5 Stars
I have been chasing a person for over a year, for the balance of a final payment on a boat. I had to file in small claims court to get a judgement. I received the judgement in my favor. I sent his Parole officer a demand letter to pass on. This man is a business man. His taunting and threats have continued to escalate. For me to collect, I needed his Social Security #. I have it now, thanks to Docusearch. Now to get my money! Fast and professional! If the need arises, I would ABSOLUTELY use them again!!!!! Thank you, Docusearch!!!!

“Outstanding Service”

Reviewed 02-26-2020 15:15:22, by Daniel L   5/5 Stars
Outstanding service quick and efficient!

People Searches Rated1 4.97 out of 5 based on 455 ratings and 455 customer reviews.