Locate By Phone Number

Returns the name and address of a known telephone number.


Locate By Phone Number Rated 4.97 out of 5 based on 380 ratings and 380 customer reviews.

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Locate By Phone Number Reviews:

“Great Experience ”

Reviewed 07-10-2018 16:21:10, by   5/5 Stars
Very positive experience from initial request to closure. Great support from person who confirmed my request. Many thanks...


Reviewed 06-18-2018 23:30:59, by   5/5 Stars

“SS# Information”

Reviewed 05-24-2018 14:09:18, by   5/5 Stars
Excellent Service, Thank-You So Much!

“Extraordinarily Useful”

Reviewed 05-04-2018 14:32:04, by   5/5 Stars
This site is truly valuable to and worthwhile. Also, the turnaround time is exceptional.

“I am unbelievably happy!!”

Reviewed 04-13-2018 21:57:00, by   5/5 Stars
I researched ALL week trying to get this info another way. Could NOT do it. I finally decide to give Docusearch a try, hoping it wasn't where they would take my $ then say, Oh so sorry. Can't give you that info. Not at all. I got what I needed & now the correct person will be responsible for this situation!! I am oh so happy!

Locate By Phone Number Rated1 4.97 out of 5 based on 380 ratings and 380 customer reviews.