How to Find Someones Place of Employment

If you need to verify where someone is employed, you’re probably not too happy about it.  After all, employment checks are usually done after something has gone wrong — like when your ex skips out on his child support payments and you need to garnish his wages, or when you’ve been swept up in a fraud or identity theft investigation, or when you’re trying to collect on a judgment that you were awarded in court.

So, the last thing you need is more hassles during your search!

Find where someone is employed

Luckily, it’s not hard to find someone’s place of employment.  As long as you work with the right people — ideally, a team of licensed private investigators — you can get the information you need in as little as a few weeks.

But how exactly do you go through this process?

Let’s start with the basics — like the information a good investigator needs to properly search for someone’s current place of employment.

Before your investigators can do anything, they’ll need you to provide a few basic details — like the person in question’s name, the state he lives in, and his Social Security number.  (If you don’t have the person’s Social Security number, a good investigator can track it down for you!)  If you have the person in question’s date of birth, phone number, or street address, they can all be helpful during an employment check, but none of these things are required for you to move forward with your search.

OK, once you turn that stuff over, what kind of information will an employment check uncover?

A good team of investigators will be able to verify where someone is employed, along with its address and phone number.  You won’t be able to get your hands on any of the person’s specific salary information, but your investigators will be able to tell you if the person in question has been paid any wages recently, or if he’s receiving unemployment benefits.

How can investigators know that for sure?

The good ones will research the proprietary state employment records because they show who’s getting paid wages every quarter.  They’ll also confirm the information with the person in question’s employer.  (And, yes, this will be done confidentially!  No one else — including the person in question — will know that you’re searching for this information.)

If the person in question is currently on unemployment, your investigators will be able to tell you when those benefits expire.

Luckily, good investigators will be able to do nationwide searches — instead of forcing you to hire someone who lives in the same city or state as the person in question.  The best companies will know exactly where to go to get accurate employment information in each state.

But what about people abusing the system?

Getting a-hold of actual addresses and phone numbers can seem like a dream come true for stalkers, identity thieves, or anyone else whose motives aren’t exactly squeaky clean.  As a result, a good investigation company will take extra steps right in the beginning to make sure that your search is on the up-and-up.  Expect to go through a short phone interview before your investigators begin their work.  You may also be asked to provide documentation that proves you’re legally entitled to this information — like a court order for child support payments or documents that show you’re involved in an court ongoing case.

Don’t be offended, though, because this is simply their way of protecting EVERYONE!  After all, you wouldn’t like it if someone was trying to uncover information about you if they weren’t legally entitled to it.  Good investigators will make sure that people aren’t taking advantage of their services.

Verify where someone is employed

OK, so how much is this going to cost you?  After all, if you’re trying to garnish someone’s wages, you’ve already missed out on valuable money, so it’s understandable that you would want to keep your employment search expenses down!  Luckily, a good investigation company will take that into account when they’re coming up with a price.  They’ll work hard to charge you a fee that’s reasonable for all of the work they have to do — without taking advantage of your situation.

In fact, the very best employment check services even come with a safety net!  If, for some reason, your investigators can’t find a place of employment for the person in question, they’ll return most of your money.  They’ll keep a tiny bit as a “research fee”, but that’s a fair way to do things when you consider all of the time and effort that goes into trying to find a person’s place of employment.  After all, the best investigators are incredibly thorough — which is exactly what you need!

If you’re ready to proceed with finding someone’s place of employment, Docusearch is here to help.

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41 responses to “How to Find Someones Place of Employment
  1. Do you do searches for place of employment? I have a judgment on the person, address, general location of employment Social Security Number age.

  2. What if the results are not his “current” place of employement? I have his previous place of employment…would the results be guaranteed and the full payment not expected if his previous place of employment is what is given?

  3. Adriana,
    We first determine where (if) wages are being reported to the state, then we confirm employment with the employer. If no current employment is found, then you would only be charged a $50 research fee. Please see full terms and conditions posted on the search description. You should include previous employment on your order.

  4. It takes two weeks because we first have to determine where (if) wages are being paid and then have to confirm employment with the employer. It is a time-consuming process.

  5. I have the person’s email, phone number, previous home location and previous employment and current home state. I need to find his current employment for the court garnishment. Can you do that?

  6. If you find that the person has wages, then go to confirm employment, how do you do that without the employee finding out? I was told by my previous tenant’s employer that all employment verification must be in writing AND then the employee had to authorize them to release that info. In my case, I know I can put the request in writing, but it will do me no good if the employee won’t authorize them to release that info to me. So, unless they call me back and say, “our employee won’t allow us to release that info to you,” I will not be able to verify employment to get a wage garnishment in place for the judgment I have against her. So…how does Docusearch handle a situation like this?

  7. Good question. After we determine that wages are being reported to the state, we contact the employer and confirm that the employee is still there, normally just by asking for them. There’s nothing illegal about this.

  8. Yes, we will need their current address and ssn to perform the search, guaranteed.

  9. I need to find someones place of employment for child support purposes. My problem is he has not been forthcoming with his new address, I have an old address, his date of birth, social security number and phone number. He claims that he does not work, but makes mistakes and mentions having to “go to work” when he talks with my children on the phone. I know he works and is just evading the child support. Can this service help me? He is very shady.

  10. Can you verify how long someone’s been working somewhere? I know for a fact that my estranged husband has been working someplace legitimate almost all year but child support cant track him for whatever reason. I think they company is lying for him

  11. Can you locate place of employment if that person is working with a false ss#? I am sure person works for a big company and I am sure of the area but this person is not legal to work in usa but we know the person is working because of social media pictures we just need to be provided the right location of employment for court proceedings

  12. Hello, I have a judgment from court for my former tenant. The husband and wife changed their employer . however the husband used to work in department of interior but he is not on payroll anymore. To make it short I have their SSN and names etc and the city they are living in but I do not have other employment info from them. will you be able to run the search with these info ?And how credible the info will be?

  13. I just hired a person locator in AZ & all he did was confirm all Ithe info I gave him on my ex, which was alot. I asked him to find my exes place of employment & he told me it was illegal because of 9/11. My ex has been avoiding paying child support for 4yrs.
    Did I get lied to & ripped off?

  14. Can I use this to look up the past employers of my late grandmom? She died last 2010 and I have her SSN.

  15. Can you find out where and if someone is working for cash and not declaring this for Child Support purposes?

  16. Sounds like you were ripped off. If you are attempting to collect child support, you have a legal right to find his current employment so that you may attached his wages.

  17. My ‘ex’ has mostly worked for companies in another state (i.e, CA, MA) but because he is in ‘sales’ he can physically live and work in another state (most of his career has been working in the state of FL). He continues to ‘hide’ from me whenever he gets a new job (unfortunately he’s been fired 4 times in 2.5 years) and he finally realized I was finding out where he works when he changes his Linkedin Profile. So he doesn’t change it anymore. I have a permanent support order for alimony and of course he does not want to obey the Court Order. If I should ever need the assistance of docusearch (if he should get fired yet again) would it have to be a nationwide search because of the way he is employed? He has only had one employment where he worked and lived in the same state where the company’s headquarter was as well. Also, the last time he was fired it took him 6 months before he was employed again (before that he had a new job within 3 weeks to a month). I think the hold up this last time was because he new wife had left him and right after that he got a DUI so I think he had some ‘loose ends’ to tie up before he could focus on a new job. If I order an employment search in the future and he has not yet secured a new job, is there a minimal fee if there is ‘no hit’ ? It would be a shame to have to pay $225 each time, not knowing how long it will be before he finds employment. I had someone run a bank search for me and when he didn’t get ‘a hit’ the fee was very minimal.

  18. I have judgments against two individuals. In the event they change employment, what would it cost to locate their new employers?

  19. I am trying to locate my ex husbands employer in Nevada. I have to wage withholding orders from another state. Nevada does not have state income tax, so how do you locate an employer if they don’t report state income?

  20. Kim,
    You ask a great question! You’re right, Nevada (and many states) do not have state income tax, but all states require employers to report worker wages, every quarter. And this is where our research begins. So, as long as wages are reported and your EX is not a 1099 employee, we can find where he is employed.

  21. Child support ofc has put out a warrant for my ex. Currently unsucessful in finding him. Can u guarentee it will be him.

  22. The Current Employment Lookup is searched using your subject’s SSN and not just a name, so positive identification of the subject is guaranteed.

  23. I only have the last four digits of tone of the tenant’s social security number. I have the full names and social security numbers of the other two tenants on the lease. All are being evicted for Failure to Pay Rent. But about the one for which I only have the last four digits of the social security number, will you be able to find her employer?. That is the mother of these other adults on the lease, but she paid most of the rent when it was being paid.

  24. Before I process my order, I’m looking for my ex husband place of employment for court. I know of his last employment and his entire SSN. He is a truck driver, and I’m thinking he’s an “owner operator and/or a 1099 truck driver. Would you be able to locate him in IL?

  25. Patty,
    Good question. We are only able to identify employment for actual employees of a company. That is employers who file an Employment report to the state government every quarter. Therefore, 1099 workers or self-employed are not likely to be discovered.

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