Locate Search Quick Reference Guide

Docusearch offers five different locate searches.  Below is a quick-reference comparison chart and brief explanation of each search to include their strengths and application advantages.

Locate Search Comparison Chart

Search NamePriceSourceNeeded To Order
Locate By SSN$39Credit BureauSubject’s Name & SSN
Locate By Name & Previous Address$49Credit BureauSubject’s Name and Previous Address
Locate By Phone Number$45Telephone CarrierSubject’s Cellular or Land Line Phone Number
Skip Trace Search$109Utility RecordsSubject’s Name, Previous Address & SSN
Verified Address Search$199InvestigationSubject’s Name, Previous Address & SSN
  1. The Locate By SSN Search is the most cost effective locate search, costing only $39.  This search relies on current data provided by all three major bureaus.However, it does have limited effectiveness in providing a current address for your subject as it is limited to information that has been reported to the bureaus. If your subject is intentionally hiding or evading location, or has moved so recently that the credit bureaus have not been notified, it is unlikely to be effective in finding a current address.
  2. The Locate By Name & Previous Address Search is identical to the search above and should only be ordered when you do not know your subject’s social security number.  We will obtain the SSN through their name and previous address.  The full SSN will not be returned.
  3. If you know your subject’s current, active phone number, The Locate by Phone Number is guaranteed to return the actual service address of a known working telephone number that is home or business based and billing name and address of working cellular numbers.  It is effective for both listed and unlisted telephone numbers. No outdated database is used. These are hand-researched by actual investigators.
  4. The Skip Trace Search is the next most effective locate search.  The source of the search is utility records which may include may water, telephone, gas, cable and/or electric service.  It is best utilized when your subject has moved within the past three months.  Trained investigators will research these utilities to determine transfer of service or forwarding address information of your subject.  This search can only be effective when utility service is listed in their name.  If a current address cannot be located, your search fee is promptly refunded, less a $25 research fee.
  5. We take all the risk with the  Verified Address Search, the ultimate locate tool.  You provide the subject’s name, previous address and social security number and our licensed private investigators will track them down, verify their current street address and provide their current unpublished telephone number, if available.  If we are unsuccessful in locating your subject’s current address, you pay nothing.

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