Current Employment Lookup

This search is useful in attaching to a judgment debtor’s wages; it includes employer name, address and telephone number.
$225.00 per search

4.83 out of 5 Based on 18 Reviews


    • Returns subject's current place of employment
    • Employment address

    Estimated Return Time:

    • 10-14 business days

    What's Needed:

    • Subject's Name
    • Subject's Street Address
    • Subject's Social Security Number
    • Helpful: Subject's Phone Number & DOB


    The Current Employment Search will return place of employment, title, address and telephone number. This search is useful in attaching to a judgment debtor’s wages.

    Note: This is a restricted search and is not available to everyone. Permissible purposes for requesting this search are:

    • Work in conjunction with official government business.
    • Work in connection with identity fraud.
    • Work involving a fraud investigation.
    • Work in a civil or criminal investigation, and the current employment is NECESSARY to your investigation.
    • Requested by competent Court to determine whether defendant is currently in active military.
    • Required for Debt Collection, Judgment Recovery, Child Support and Wage Garnishment.

    Supporting documentation may be required. This search will not return any salary information. This is a time-intensive search. There is a $50.00 research fee charged for all requests returning a no-hit, including no current employment found. However, the full search fee of $225.00 is charged if verified employment information is located or an active unemployment compensation claim is verified.

    Warning: This is a restricted search. Without exception, every client who orders this search will be contacted and interviewed before research begins.

Current Employment Lookup Rated1 4.83 out of 5 based on 18 ratings and 18 customer reviews.