Current Employment Lookup

This search is useful in attaching to a judgment debtor’s wages; it includes employer name, address and telephone number.
$225.00 per search
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4.85 out of 5 Based on 20 Reviews
Current Employment Lookup



  • Returns subject's current place of employment
  • Employment address

Estimated Return Time:

  • Two-Three Weeks

What's Needed:

  • Subject's Name
  • Subject's Street Address
  • Subject's Social Security Number
  • Subject's state of employment, if different then residence
  • Helpful: Subject's Phone Number & DOB

The Current Employment Search will return place of employment, title, address and telephone number. This search is useful in attaching to a judgment debtor’s wages.

Note: This is a restricted search and is not available to everyone. Permissible purposes for requesting this search are:

  • Work in conjunction with official government business.
  • Work in connection with identity fraud.
  • Work involving a fraud investigation.
  • Work in a civil or criminal investigation, and the current employment is NECESSARY to your investigation.
  • Requested by competent Court to determine whether defendant is currently in active military.
  • Required for Debt Collection, Judgment Recovery, Child Support and Wage Garnishment.

Supporting documentation may be required. This search will not return any salary information. This is a time-intensive search. There is a $50.00 research fee charged for all requests returning a no-hit, including no current employment found. However, the full search fee of $225.00 is charged if verified employment information is located or an active unemployment compensation claim is verified.  This is a statewide search.  You must inform us if the subject resides in one state and works in another.

Warning: This is a restricted search. Clients who orders this search may be contacted and interviewed before research begins.


Subject Data Submitted: John Doe 121 Landover Wayne, PA 19010 SSN: 123-45-6789
Current Employment Lookup Report Date: 01/02/2015 Results Found

Search Results

The following employment information was confirmed by the subject’s employer:

Subject is employed at: H & R Block
Address: 2322 Paioli Avenue Wayne, PA 19010
Business Phone: (215) 555-1234

Note: This is a sample of a typical returned search, however actual results may vary.

How Docusearch Results Compares to Others

  • 100% legal, affordable and accurate; hand-searched by licensed investigators.
  • We only charge a $50 research fee if found that your subject is not employed, plus we report the last time wages were reported.
  • Quick return time, normally within 10 business days.
  • Most often, others are not licensed investigators, rather they're information brokers.
  • Others only have access to public records and charge a high flat rate, regardless of they return positive results.
  • Others keep you waiting in limbo for weeks whilst holding your money.


Current Employment Lookup Rated 4.85 out of 5 based on 40 ratings and 40 customer reviews. The reviews provided below were submitted by actual Docusearch clients who have purchased this search and have expressed their opinion.

Current Employment Lookup Reviews

“Fast results that no one else could find”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed07-31-2017 19:46:13, by I spent over $1000 on other companies that claimed they could get me bank account information. None of them came close to giving me any useful information at all. found accurate information and delivered it quickly. They are now my go-to asset search company.

“Thank you so much for your help!!!!”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed08-03-2016 18:24:04, by Thank you so much for your help! Now I will submit this to my case manager! My daughters father abandoned my daughter and has hid from us for 7 years and refused to comply with any of the judge's orders. Thank you so much! I thought I would have to get someone to follow him... I don't know how to thank you.. I can get this information to the state of Illinois now. We may never see a dime but now he is going to be held accountable for his actions. Good enough for me. This is not about money it is about integrity and having honor. God Bless!

“Five stars is not enough for docusearch”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed05-26-2016 16:45:51, by My ex tried to hide seven digits of cash in a divorce. Docusearch found the cash. Thank you ! Now we are going to do a brokerage search ! Every dog has his day.. We are going to give that dog his day.

“employment search”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed04-15-2016 17:21:34, by Search very effective - very satisfied- This service is professional, Not sure there is another quite like it. If you know in your heart that your search is entirely warranted -- then this one is for you.

“document search ”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed03-10-2016 14:18:43, by Great search site. Very easy to use. Got information back very fast. Easy payment. Definitely will use this service again.

  5/5 Stars
Reviewed10-12-2015 21:31:34, by I had great reservations that you would be able to find my x-husband's place of work. I was so surprised when they found it. I was thrilled. Now to garnish him for past alimony.

“Thank you so much”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed06-24-2015 14:24:44, by I requested a bank account search on my soon-to-be ex-husband. Docusearch found accounts that have been hidden from me for years. I gave this information to my attorney and now will get the settlement that I deserve. Well done and thanks!

“Asset search”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed11-10-2014 20:28:02, by Ex is trying to quit paying nominal maintenance and I know he has hidden assets... results were quick and they did find one account I did not know about... I trust this company and will use them again!

“Hidden bank account search”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed10-14-2014 20:42:22, by I am going through a divorce and had a nagging feeling there might be hidden money involved. I read the reviews about Docusearch, being a little leering of doing something like this online. The reviews that I read were all very good. It is nerve-wracking entering into something like this about someone you used to trust with all your heart, but I had to ease my mind. The representative was very helpful and put me at ease. The results came back much quicker than I expected and although there was nothing I didn't already know about, I do feel better and more knowledgeable going in to the divorce because of Docusearch.

“Current Employer on Deadbeat Ex”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed07-18-2014 22:32:56, by I can\'t call to verify this employment until I have garnishment papers ready to go but if this is accurate I cannot say how grateful I am! 4 years of trying to hunt him down and you found him in two weeks! (I hope) Thank you so much! Update: And they confirmed that he is employed there! Truly, I have hired two different investigators to sit outside his house and 1000.00 later, got nothing. I am telling all my attorney friends about you! Thanks so much.

“Prompt response”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed06-13-2014 20:51:53, by I have been trying to collect on a judgement, and have had a difficult time moving forward. I needed the defendant\'s SSN to continue the process, but found it difficult to obtain, and got little help from my attorney. Docusearch to the rescue! I got a confirmation call shortly after my order, and received my results a few hours later. I was pleased with the prompt response and professional conduct.

“Thanks, Docusearch”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed05-02-2014 18:51:37, by It is a surprise to me, the company not just only find our subject's employer but also verified the person through his co-worker. I feel very happy and satisfy the reliable result. I can really rely on Docusesrch from now on to search more people's employer. So, I can collect the judgement debt easier.

“Excellent service”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed03-18-2014 00:14:46, by Your company provided excellent service and gave me the information I could not obtain elsewhere in order to have a Sheriff serve a wage attachment.

  5/5 Stars
Reviewed05-28-2013 18:18:51, by Prompt turn around.

“Private investigators did their job!”
  4/5 Stars
Reviewed09-23-2012 05:59:47, by These private investigators are great, everything I needed to know was sent to me within one day and the results were 100% accurate. Thank you docusearch.

“Very helpful”
  3/5 Stars
Reviewed09-20-2012 22:22:36, by Great results and quick service. I would use this service again and recommend it to others.

“Found my new favorite website!”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed09-08-2012 04:48:35, by Quick and accurate results. I placed my search this morning and got my results this evening. Everything was very simple and docusearch retrieved everything I was looking for. Very happy customer.

“Thank Goodness for Docusearch!”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed08-22-2012 23:47:14, by I found Docusearch when I was considering investing in a business. I sent in the required information and just one day later I was surprised to find that there was a detailed bankruptcy record being hidden from me. Without this search I could have invested in a lemon, thank goodness for Docusearch!

“Hidden assets search worked great”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed07-28-2012 12:47:55, by I stumbled upon docusearch's hidden asset search while going through a divorce. The information I recieved was thorough and accurate, and I was extremely pleased with the service overall.

“Saved me a lot of time and frustration!”
  5/5 Stars
Reviewed07-28-2012 12:47:25, by I used the current employment lookup to find the place of employment for my deadbeat ex to obtain outstanding child support payments. I received the results quickly and they contained information I could have never found on my own. Very impressed with the service.


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Current Employment Lookup Rated1 4.85 out of 5 based on 40 ratings and 40 customer reviews.