Get Access To Public Record Information Quickly

Most public records are extremely difficult to locate. Our public records service gets you hard-to-find information such as lawsuits, property and financial records. You’ll have a detailed list of every piece of information about a person you’ll need. Typical uses of this information include using them for civil proceedings or actions filed by or against your subject.

Why We’re Different

Most similar services you’ll find online offer you “cheap” and “instant” results. The problem is that it’s only cheap until they sell you an ongoing subscription. Worse, the “instant” results you get are nothing more than outdated, inaccurate data.

When you use Docusearch, we will use one of our licensed private investigators who use proprietary research methods unavailable to the public, to get you the most detailed and accurate information available. The information is gathered, reviewed for accuracy, and sent back to you quickly. Better, we guarantee to get you the exact information you need or you’ll never pay a dime.

Here’s How To Get Started

Start by selecting the appropriate Public Records search, such as property, bankruptcies-liens-judgment, or civil recordings atop this page or from the descriptions below. This will direct you to the order page where you will find details specific to the requested search.

Real Property Records

property searchProperty Searches are perfect for investigating the owners of a property to determine the assets of that individual. This helps with impending litigation or when trying to determine the likelihood of repayment. You can select to search by street address or name and state.

Bankruptcy Records

Search National Bankruptcy Records by SSN

Our Bankruptcy Records are guaranteed to be up-to-date. Our private investigators will search for and find records directly from the US Bankruptcy Court, updated daily. You can search all bankruptcies, liens and judgments recorded for an individual or business, bankruptcy filings recorded in a specified state or nationwide bankruptcy filings by SSN. Selecting an option below will return a complete search description.

Civil Court Records

Search County-Wide Lower Court RecordsWe offer four different civil record searches. The first is a Countywide Lower Court Records (or small claims) Search, which will search for cases and civil litigation below $5,000. The second is a Countywide Upper Court Records (or circuit court), which will search for cases and civil litigation greater than $5,000. The third search is the combination search of both upper and lower courts. And the last search is the Marriage and Family Court Records Search, which includes records of marriages, divorces and family relates cases. All are are hand-searched onsite in the requested county.

Docusearch How To

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