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Bankruptcy, Liens & Judgments



  • All recorded bankruptcies, liens & judgments filed
  • You select the state to search
  • Up to 10 records matching submitted criteria will be returned

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What's Needed:

  • Subject's name (or company name) and state to search

Record Content

  • Bankruptcies: Usually provides debtor name, bankruptcy petition date, docket number, type of bankruptcy, bankruptcy court location, address, truncated social security number, and attorney’s name.
  • Tax Liens: Filings provide information on federal and state tax lien from various states. Detail usually contains type of tax lien, filing date, tax amount owed, debtor name, taxpayer ID number and address, court location, taxing agency, and release information.
  • Judgments: Records contain information on civil and small claims monetary judgments over $100. Detail usually provides type of judgment, judgment date, case number, amount awarded, debtor name and address, court location and plaintiff name.

This Bankruptcy, Liens & Judgments search will reveal details of filings including type of bankruptcy (Chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13), filing date, debtor name, address, truncated social security number, discharge, dismissal or conversion date, trustee and attorney names and originating court information. The information obtained from all Federal Bankruptcy Districts and is updated daily.

Bankruptcy, Liens & Judgments
Provide us with: Subject's name (or company name) and state to search
Privately hand-searched and includes: You select the state to search All recorded bankruptcies, liens & judgments filed Up to 10 records matching submitted criteria will be returned

search bankruptcy liens and judgements

This information is provided to assist you in identifying Bankruptcy Filings, Tax Liens and lower court Judgments filed on an individual within a specified state.

The data is comprised of current Bankruptcy information from 50 states and Tax Liens and Judgments from 36 states.

Record Source

  • Bankruptcies are obtained directly from U.S. Bankruptcy Courts
  • Tax Lien filings are collected from County Recorder offices in various states
  • Judgments are derived from District and Municipal Courts in various state

Record Coverage

Contains bankruptcy recordings from 1992 to current date
Civil Judgments and Tax Liens: Judgments and tax liens are currently collected for the following 36 states. The following table outlines coverage areas and start dates.

StateStart DateStateStart DateStateStart Date
Alaska1995Iowa1993N. Dakota1992
Colorado1992Michigan2000S. Dakota1996
Idaho1993Nebraska1993West Virginia2001
Indiana1992New Mexico1992Wyoming1993

Record Updates

Complete bankruptcy information is collected from all Federal Bankruptcy Districts on a daily basis. Each bankruptcy filed is tracked on a case-by-case basis in order to collect all filings, discharges, dismissals and conversions.

Judgment and Lien data collection varies based on population. Major metro areas are generally collected weekly. However, many rural areas may only be collected annually

What to Expect



Subject Data Submitted Subject Name: CELINA SMITH Subject’s SSN: 123-45-6789 State to Search: Florida
Bankruptcies, Liens & Judgments Report Date 12/15/2014 Results Found

Search Results

The following information has been being reported by a proprietary database, updated daily.

Bankruptcy Case Information
Filing #: 20031508 1659 Filing Date: 6-15-2012
Filing State: Florida Filing Type: BANKRUPTCY
Recorded Date: 6-15-2012 Bankruptcy Type: Chapter 13
Docket #: 0817024Trustee: ELIZABETH SV ROJAS
Recorded Date: 6-15-2012 Bankruptcy Type: Chapter 13
Assets Available: Y Closed Date: 9-30-2012
Debtor Name: CELINA SMITH Debtor SSN: 123-45-XXXX
Debtor Address: 14924 KITTRIDGEST MIAMI, FL 33412
Lien Case Information
Filing #: 20123433 Filing Date: 3-15-2012
Filing Code: TL Filing Type: FEDERAL TAX LIEN - INCOME
Judgment Date: Judgment Amt:
Asset Amt: Liability Amt: $ 474,610.00
Debtor Name: CELINA SMITH Debtor SSN: 123-45-XXXX
Debtor Address: 14924 KITTRIDGEST MIAMI, FL 33412
Judgment Case Information
Filing #: 1998081422 Filing Date: 1-15-2013
Filing Code: CJ Filing Type: CIVIL JUDGMENT
Judgment Date: 3-20-2013 Judgment Amt: $ 7,949.00
Asset Amt: Liability Amt:
Defendant Name: CELINA SMITH Defendant SSN: 123-45-XXXX
Defendant Address: 14924 KITTRIDGEST MIAMI, FL 33412
Plaintiff Name: DR ROBERT KINKEL
Plaintiff Address: 2924 MEADOWBROOK DR MIAMI, TX 34210


Note: This is a sample of a typical returned search, however actual results may vary.

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  • Others use outdated databases only containing old public records sometimes many years old.
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Bankruptcy, Liens & Judgments Rated1 4.85 out of 5 based on 14 ratings and 14 customer reviews.