How to Find Someone’s Place of Employment

How to find someone's place of employmentIf you need to find someone’s current place of employment, you’re probably not too happy about it.  After all, employment checks are usually done after something has gone wrong — like when your ex skips out on his child support payments and you need to garnish his wages, or when you’ve been swept up in a fraud or identity theft investigation, or when you’re trying to collect on a judgment that you were awarded in court.

So, the last thing you need is more hassles during your search!

Luckily, it’s not hard to locate someone’s place of employment.  As long as you work with the right people — ideally, a team of licensed private investigators — you can get the information you need in as little as a few business days.

But how exactly do you go through this process?

Let’s start with the basics — like the information a good investigator needs to properly search for someone’s current place of employment.

Before your investigators can do anything, they’ll need you to provide a few basic details — like the person in question’s name, the state he lives in, and his Social Security number.  (If you don’t have the person’s Social Security number, a good investigator can track it down for you!)  If you have the person in question’s date of birth, phone number, or street address, they can all be helpful during an employment check, but none of these things are required for you to move forward with your search.

OK, once you turn that stuff over, what kind of information will an employment check uncover?

A good team of investigators will be able to get the name of the person in question’s place of employment, along with its address and phone number.  You won’t be able to get your hands on any of the person’s specific salary information, but your investigators will be able to tell you if the person in question has been paid any wages recently, or if he’s receiving unemployment benefits.

How can investigators know that for sure?

The good ones will research the proprietary state employment records because they show who’s getting paid wages every quarter.  They’ll also confirm the information with the person in question’s employer.  (And, yes, this will be done confidentially!  No one else — including the person in question — will know that you’re searching for this information.)

If the person in question is currently on unemployment, your investigators will be able to tell you when those benefits expire.

Luckily, good investigators will be able to do nationwide searches — instead of forcing you to hire someone who lives in the same city or state as the person in question.  The best companies will know exactly where to go to get accurate employment information in each state.

But what about people abusing the system?

Getting ahold of actual addresses and phone numbers can seem like a dream come true for stalkers, identity thieves, or anyone else whose motives aren’t exactly squeaky clean.  As a result, a good investigation company will take extra steps right in the beginning to make sure that your search is on the up-and-up.  Expect to go through a short phone interview before your investigators begin their work.  You may also be asked to provide documentation that proves you’re legally entitled to this information — like a court order for child support payments or documents that show you’re involved in an court ongoing case.

Don’t be offended, though, because this is simply their way of protecting EVERYONE!  After all, you wouldn’t like it if someone was trying to uncover information about you if they weren’t legally entitled to it.  Good investigators will make sure that people aren’t taking advantage of their services.

OK, so how much is this going to cost you?

After all, if you’re trying to garnish someone’s wages, you’ve already missed out on valuable money, so it’s understandable that you would want to keep your employment search expenses down!  Luckily, a good investigation company will take that into account when they’re coming up with a price.  They’ll work hard to charge you a fee that’s reasonable for all of the work they have to do — without taking advantage of your situation.

In fact, the very best employment check services even come with a safety net!  If, for some reason, your investigators can’t locate a place of employment for the person in question, they’ll return most of your money.  They’ll keep a tiny bit as a “research fee”, but that’s a fair way to do things when you consider all of the time and effort that goes into trying to find a person’s place of employment.  After all, the best investigators are incredibly thorough — which is exactly what you need!

If you’re ready to proceed with finding someone’s current place of employment, Docusearch is here to help.

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