Discover Anyone’s Current Address

Finding people and locating where they currently live can be a frustrating and tricky process. This is especially true if that person is actively trying to hide. That’s why our proprietary people searches source protected information normally reserved for law enforcement to get the scoop on the person you’re trying to locate.

Why We’re Different

If you are trying to locate someone, you need to hire a licensed private investigator. Otherwise you’ll be forced to get information spit out by an outdated, inaccurate public records database. Our private investigators use proprietary methods normally used by law enforcement to track down any person you’re looking for. You will get up-to-date information which is updated hourly. Each People Search is researched by hand, not a computer; assuring your results actually pertain to your subject and not someone with the same name.

Here’s How To Get Started

There are several People Searches to choose from, depending on the amount of information you know about your subject. Please read each description carefully to determine which may be the best choice for you. We also suggest you read our How To Locate Search Quick Reference Guide for a comparison guide to address lookups.

Locate By SSN

Locate with Social Security Number

This search is useful for finding someone if you have their SSN. You’ll be returned a complete address history of the person in question, as provided by all three major credit bureaus. If we can’t find this information for you, you will receive a 100% refund! Learn more about a Locate By SSN Search.

Locate by Name & Previous Address

Locate with Name and Previous Address

Have an old address and name of a person you’re trying to locate? Our private investigators can use that information to find you the address they are currently living at, as well as the possibility of a telephone number and date of birth. A Location by Name and Previous Address Search is best used if the subject’s whereabouts have been unknown for 3 months or longer.

Locate by Phone Number

Search and Locate by Phone Number

Have a phone number but need more information? With this search, our private investigators will reverse any active phone number you have to locate information such as the billing name, service address and billing address. If we can’t get the information you need, you don’t pay! Learn more about a Locate By Phone Number Search.

Skip Trace (Utility Search)

Skip Trace to Find Address

This service is useful to anyone trying to locate another person who has recently moved. You will receive the new, current address of the person you’re trying to find, or your money back. Best results are seen when the person moved recently or within the past 3 months. Learn more about a Skip Trace (Utility Search).

Verified Address Search

Verify an Address

Great for debt collectors and attorneys to locate witnesses, this verified address search is guaranteed to return your subject’s current street address… or you don’t pay! Sit back and let our licensed investigators do all the work. Learn more about a Verified Address Search.

Search For Date of Birth

Identify Date of Birth

Need to find out the birthday of a certain person? Our private investigators use a unique combination of approximately twenty five separate databases to verify the subject’s date of birth. This Search for DOB will not provide telephone numbers, addresses or any information pertaining to minors. All search requests must be for subjects over 21 years old. Learn more about a Date of Birth Search.

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