Bank Account Search

Find hidden bank accounts; commonly used for divorce discovery or judgment collection.
$249.00 *

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    • Identifies all bank accounts
    • Bank name and address
    • Account titles, where available
    • Account type
    • Approximate account balance, where available

    Estimated Return Time:

    • 7-14 business days

    What's Needed:

    • Subject's full name
    • Last known street address
    • Social security number
    • Helpful: date of birth


    People will hide bank accounts for many reasons. A spouse may try to hide assets in a divorce. A person being sued may not want judgment liens placed on assets for collection. The list goes on and on. The burden of finding these assets lies with the searcher since bank account information is highly protected.
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    The objective of this search is to 1) identify open/active accounts for the purpose of judgment collection, or 2) assist your attorney in locating accounts which may be hidden or not reported in divorce discovery, or 3) to determine financial solvency prior to litigation.  Your subject will not know that he/she has ever been searched.  Docusearch, staffed only by licensed private investigators, will locate all open bank accounts associated with Subject’s name and Social Security Number and return the bank(s) name, address and phone number, account type, account title and approximate account balance, where available. We will not stop searching once an account is located. We will continue to search all major banks and credit unions nationwide and locality of the subject. No account numbers will be returned. Your attorney may subpoena all bank records (directly) from the bank once account(s) have been identified.

    * Search fee is $249 plus $50 for each open account identified.  If no open/active accounts exist or are located, we will refund your entire search cost less a $50 research fee  Client may exclude known bank accounts, however doing so will void the no-find guarantee.  Call us for further information.


    This is a restricted search. Without exception, every client who orders this search will be contacted and interviewed before research begins. This bank account search is GLB* compliant and may be used to collect judgments for child support, bad debts, divorce judgments and almost any other legal reason in an attempt to collect a debt. You may be required to provide supporting documentation substantiating the purpose and legality of the search.  Every effort is made to determine the approximate account balances however this is not always possible or guaranteed.   Please note that account balances can change daily and therefore stated balances are approximations only.

    *Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I find a person’s hidden bank account?
    A: Hidden or not, Docusearch can find most, if not all bank accounts associated with an individual provided with the subjects full name, SSN, street address, and date of birth. Simply click the ‘Place Order’ button to get started. We’ll ask you for the details needed to perform the search and then return the bank account information within 7-14 days – sent to your secure Docusearch account.

    Q: I’m getting a divorce, can I find my spouses bank accounts for court references?
    A: Yes, in fact it is very common for people to have hidden bank accounts when getting a divorce. Our hidden bank account search will find all bank accounts nationwide.

    Q: Will the person know that I am searching for his/her bank accounts?
    A: No, the individual will never know that you are searching for their hidden bank accounts.

    Q: I’m suing someone, is it possible to find all of their bank accounts for when I go to court?
    A: We can locate hidden bank accounts of the person you are suing. Please keep in mind that our return time for this search is between 7-14 days so it is important to do this search well before your court date.

    Q: Can I be guaranteed that every account will be found?
    A: Unfortunately not.  Although not 100% effective in locating every account a person or business may hold (no system is), our methods have proven much more effective/reliable than any other.

    Q: Can I be assured that I will receive the current balance of every account located?
    A: Every effort is made to return the current approximate account balance, however the subject may have an opt-out agreement on file with the bank/brokerage and may not be available.  However, we do not charge for accounts found without balances or account balances of less than $100.

    Q: I suspect you will find many open accounts with high balances.  Is there a maximum charge for accounts found?
    A: Yes, for subject’s with numerous accounts, the maximum account fee charge is capped at $500. (10 accounts, each with a current balance over $100).


Bank Account Search Rated1 4.83 out of 5 based on 18 ratings and 18 customer reviews.