Make Your Wisconsin Criminal Search a Good One with These 5 Tips

Wisconsin Criminal Records SearchIf you’re doing a Wisconsin criminal records search, you don’t have the luxury of getting it wrong. If your search doesn’t tell the full story about someone, you can’t possibly make an informed decision about them!

If you want to make your search a good one, you’ve got to follow these 5 tips:

  1. Hire a licensed private investigator

Don’t let all of those websites fool you — the only way to get access to all of the information you need is to hire someone with a private investigator’s license. Licensed investigators are privy to much more than the general public is. In fact, their licenses give them access to things that are normally only reserved for law enforcement!

Wisconsin Criminal Records Search

  1. Find out which resources your investigator is going to use

Just because he has a license doesn’t mean he’s going to run a comprehensive search. Before you agree to let an investigator handle your Wisconsin criminal records search, make sure that he’s going to take full advantage of:

– Data from Wisconsin’s Administrative Office of Courts, which detail all of the state’s criminal court cases dating back to 1992. Your investigator will be able to see where the crime took place, what the disposition was, and when the sentencing date was. He’ll also be able to get an official case number for further digging.

– Records that are maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, which include details about all felons who were sentenced to a state correctional facility. These records also contain details about criminals who are/were on parole.

– Information from Wisconsin’s Sex Offender Registry, including specific details about anyone who was convicted of, incarcerated for, or placed under supervision for a sex crime.

– Information from the Menominee Indian Tribe Sex Offender Registry, which documents all of the sex offenders who are part of the tribe. In addition to listing the crime committed, this Registry also gives specific details like scars, tattoos, and photos so that you can spot exactly who you’re dealing with.

– Indexes of prior criminal and court records searches done throughout Wisconsin, including those done as part of county, state, and federal investigations.

– Records detailing certain traffic offenses.

  1. Make sure all of the work is being done by hand

The last thing you want is for a piece of software to affect the legitimacy of your Wisconsin criminal records search! Good investigators know that the only way to do a search correctly is to do it by hand. Not only does this allow them to be more thorough, but it also gives them a chance to spot — and eliminate — any inaccuracies that pop up along the way.

Wisconsin Criminal Court Records

  1. Be prepared to wait — but not too long

Because everything needs to be done by hand, you can’t expect to get the results of your Wisconsin criminal records search immediately. Lots of websites are built to spit out information in the time it takes to make a few mouse clicks, but the vast majority of this information is outdated and inaccurate. If you really want to get your hands on the good stuff, you’ll need to wait for it.

However, that doesn’t mean you need to wait around for too long. A good investigator has the expertise to run an efficient search, without compromising any of the quality. That way, you can take advantage of search results that are incredibly detailed AND generated quickly. (For example, here at Docusearch, our licensed private investigators can run your search and get the results to you within one business day.)

  1. Ask about the price before you hand over your credit card

Unfortunately, there are a lot of websites out there that offer free Wisconsin criminal records searches — but they don’t really mean it. Sure, it’s free to physically type someone’s name into the search box, but if you actually want to see the results, you’ll be forced to pay for them.

Even worse, you’ll be lucky to get results from some websites with just one payment! That’s because many websites will make you sign up for a costly subscription service just to see your results.

Luckily, a good investigator won’t do business this way. Instead, the good investigators make their pricing details crystal clear, and they won’t hide any fees in the fine print. You’ll be asked to make a one-time payment before your investigator starts working, and you’ll never be forced to crack open your wallet again. You’ll get to see the results and ask your investigator as many questions as you want. Makes perfect sense, right?

You know what else makes perfect sense? Hiring the team of licensed private investigators at Docusearch to handle your Wisconsin criminal records search!

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