4 Things to Know If You're Doing a Hawaii Criminal Records Search

Hawaii Criminal Records SearchMaybe you’re looking for a decent tenant to rent your townhouse. Or, maybe your industry requires you to run a background check before you hire a new employee. Whatever the reason, you need your Hawaii criminal records search to be good!

It will be, as long as you remember these 4 things:

  1. Many of the services are bogus

Take a quick stroll around the world wide web, and you’ll find countless websites offering to do a Hawaii criminal records search for you. However, if you simply pick the first one you see — rather than taking some time to see who’s actually running it — you could wind up in major trouble. That’s because most of these websites are nothing more than data aggregators. They buy up whatever public records they can get their hands on, load them onto their server, and build a website that can spit out information in a matter of seconds.

The problem with that? First, no one’s checking to make sure that the information’s actually correct! There’s no human involvement at all. Second, most of the records that these websites buy are out of date — so out of date, in fact, that it hasn’t been updated in years. Even worse, most of these websites never bother to update anything on their server after the initial upload.

Hawaii Criminal Search

  1. You need a licensed private investigator to do the work

So who SHOULD you hire to do your Hawaii criminal records search? A licensed private investigator! Genuine investigators won’t leave your search up to a computer server. Instead, they’ll dig through current records by hand to get you the most comprehensive results.

Even better, licensed private investigators have access to records that most people don’t. That means they can take your Hawaii criminal court records search a whole lot further than anyone else. For example, they’ll be able to dig through:

– Records from Hawaii’s Administrative Office of Courts, including Circuit Court and Family Court information that is updated every month. A licensed private investigator can use these records to find out what the person in question was charged with, when they were arrested, and the official case number.

– Information from Hawaii’s Department of Corrections, including details about people who are or have been under the Department’s supervision. These records offer a variety of information about the state’s felons, including what they were convicted of, where they were housed during their sentence, and when they were released.

– Records from Hawaii’s Sex Offender Registry, including the crime committed, the street the offender now lives on, and a photo of the offender. There’s a catch here, though. These records only contain details about offenders who have gone through a hearing to determine if their information should be made public. Luckily, the Registry is updated bi-weekly, so your private investigator will have access to the very latest information.

  1. You can get the results quickly

When you see everything that a good investigator is going to comb through to do your Hawaii criminal search, you probably assume that the work is going to take awhile. Luckily, that’s not the case! A good investigator will know how to dig through these records quickly so that you can get the results you need as soon as possible. (For example, here at Docusearch, we can do your search and get the results to you within one business day.)

Sure, that’s not as quick as the instant results that those data aggregators brag about. But it’s worth waiting a few extra hours to get accurate, up-to-the-minute information, right?!

Hawaii Criminal Court Records

  1. You should only have to dig into your wallet once

One thing that those data aggregator websites typically have in common is hidden fees. They’ll reel you in with promises of free or unlimited searches. It sounds great until you learn that it’s only free to search. If you actually want to see the results of your search, you’ll have to pay for them. And in the cases of those unlimited searches, those are usually only made available once you’ve signed up for a costly subscription service.

On the other hand, a licensed private investigator won’t operate this way. Instead of having to dig through tons of fine print or wondering what the catch is, a licensed private investigator will make his terms very clear. You’ll pay a one-time fee before your investigator starts working, and then you’ll never be asked to spend another dime. You’ll get your results and have a chance to ask questions — over the phone or through email — without being forced to dig into your wallet again.

Ready to see what a licensed private investigator can do for you? Turn your Hawaii criminal search over to the team at Docusearch!

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