Verizon Cell Phone Number Lookup

What’s Needed

  • Area code and Phone number


This Verizon Cell Phone Number Lookup is guaranteed to return the actual service address of a known working telephone number that is land based and the billing name and address of working cellular numbers*. It is effective for both listed and unlisted telephone numbers. No outdated database is used. Hand researched by actual investigators the Phone Number Lookup will return the billing name and service address of land based numbers and the billing name and address of cellular. This search will not provide information on voice mail pagers, beepers, 900 numbers, disconnected or toll-free numbers. If we fail to return the current service address which corresponds with the submitted land based telephone number, your entire search fee will be refunded.

*Pre-paid cellular numbers will only return a name and address when available.

Sample Results:

Verizon Cell Phone Number Lookup

Submitted Number: 314-308-1234

CELLULAR SERVICE NO.: 314-308-1234
BILLING ADDRESS: 123 Greenspan Drive
Weldon Spring, MI 63304
Note: This is a sample of a typical returned search, however actual results may vary.