How to Find People Online

If you're trying to track down your ex because he owes you a fortune in child support, you know how hard it can be to locate a person who doesn't want to be found!  But just because this person is...Continued

Locate Search Quick Reference Guide

Docusearch offers five different locate searches.  Below is a quick-reference comparison chart and brief explanation of each search to include their strengths and application advantages. Locate Search Comparison Chart Search Name Price Source Needed To Order Locate By SSN $39 Credit...Continued

How to Successfully Locate Someone by SSN

Finding a missing person or trying to locate a person may be difficult, especially if that person makes efforts to stay hidden. Solving these cases were really big headaches for the people who searching. However, with today's technology and well-organized...Continued

Quick Reference Guide to Locate Searches

You may not always find yourself in need to hire a private investigator to locate an individual, but there are times and certain circumstances when using unconventional methods to locate someone are necessary. These circumstances can range from a landlord...Continued

Birth Search: How To Find Birth Date

If you have forgotten when someone's birthday is and want to find this out then read this article. Even if you want to verify someone's birthday you can still use the same resources that are mentioned here. Read more and...Continued