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The Statewide Criminal Records search compiles information from all available criminal sources in any one of the fifty U.S. states or the District of Columbia. Sources of information include the sex offender registry for the state selected, Department of Corrections records, state court records, and county level records.For additional guidance on selecting the most appropriate criminal search, refer to the Docusearch Academy article How to Search Criminal Records.
Statewide Criminal Records

Why Ours Are Different

Most websites touting "instant results" can do so because they use outdated, public records databases to gather your information. Many of which haven't been updated in years. With Docusearch, you will have a licensed private investigator on your side, hand-searching and researching everything you need to know. All information is verified, accurate, and guaranteed up-to-date.

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To get started quickly, select the State you wish the search to be conducted atop this page. This will direct you to the order page and provides a complete search description, price, available state resources and additional information related to conducting a search in this state.

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