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    • Owner's Name & Address
    • Vehicle Information (year, make, model, etc)
    • Leinholder, if provided

    Estimated Return Time:

    • 1 business day or less

    What's Needed:

    • NC license plate number or VIN


    North Carolina license plate searchProvided a valid NC license plate number is submitted, our North Carolina License Plate Lookup is guaranteed to return the registered owner’s name and address along with the vehicle make, model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN) and tag expiration date and any lien-holder information.

    Reverse North Carolina License Plate Lookup

    If you are looking for the owner of a vehicle in North Carolina, our licensed investigators will perform a reverse North Carolina license plate lookup or VIN # check for you. License plate searches by licensed private investigators will give you more accurate and faster results than other so-called “free” searches. This is because license plate # lookups have restrictions about who can access the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s database of registered owners. There are many other private investigation companies that claim to give “instant” results, but in fact these results are only instant because of their inaccuracy. The private investigators at Docusearch differ from that of other websites because of the information that we have access to. Using the same source as law enforcement guarantees that you will get both accurate and fast results.

    How quickly will I see results for my North Carolina license plate search?

    The estimated return time for a license plate or VIN search is typically one business day or less. Our user-friendly interface allows you to place your order, submit your North Carolina license plate lookup, and see results via our secure password-protected members area. All results are accurate, obtained directly from the North Carolina DOT.

    Still not convinced? Read our How-To article: Doing a North Carolina License Plate Search? Here’s What You Need to Know.

    You will be required to select a DPPA Permissible Purpose when placing your order.
    Note: We cannot search temporary license plates, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles or trailers.

North Carolina License Plate Search Rated1 4.98 out of 5 based on 267 ratings and 267 customer reviews.