Illinois License Plate Search

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$39.00 per plate
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    • Owner's Name & Address
    • Vehicle Information (year, make, model, etc)
    • Leinholder, if provided

    Estimated Return Time:

    • 1 Business Day

    What's Needed:

    • IL license plate number or VIN


    In Illinois, providing you have a valid license plate number, you can find the information of any vehicle owner. Our team retrieves this information through a process called a Reverse License Plate # Search. Our private investigators will return information such as the registered owner’s name and address along with the vehicle make, model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN) and tag expiration date.

    License Plate Lookup in Illinois

    Docusearch is a team of private investigators licensed in the state of Illinois. While DMV records are not open to the public, we can perform a license plate # or VIN lookup for you – collect the information, and provide you with a collective report of the information we gather. You may have come across other websites that offer “instant” results for your license plate search. Unfortunately there is no instant feed open to the public for accessing the Illinois DMV. Instead, these websites provide inaccurate information collected from older databases or scraped from search engines. At Docusearch, we hand-search each order and your information is handled by a licensed investigator.

    How Quickly Can I Expect Results?

    Generally results from a Illinois Reverse License Plate search are returned in one business day. You can submit, track, and review your order through our password-protected back end. All of our results come directly from the Illinois DMV, so they are retrieved quickly and guaranteed to be accurate.

    Is my License Plate # Search Private?

    Your IL License Plate # Lookup is private and never shared with anyone, not even the vehicle owner. The information that we gather from your search is formatted in a report and stored securely in a backend system that only you have access to. We will notify you once your results are available. If you are concerned about privacy, be sure not to provide information to other “instant” search websites. Based on their automated algorithms, your information is many times collected to build their database for future searches and they do not necessarily keep this data private. Docusearch hand-searches each order and your information is carefully handled by a licensed private investigator in your state.

    You will be required to select a DPPA Permissible Purpose when placing your order.
    Note: We cannot search temporary license plates, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles or trailers.

Illinois License Plate Search Rated1 4.98 out of 5 based on 177 ratings and 177 customer reviews.