is America’s premier provider of on-line investigative solutions. Requesting investigative services has never been easier than using our web site. Our user-friendly interface will prompt you for all the necessary data. Once an assignment is complete, you will be notified by email that the results have been posted in our secure, password-protected Member’s Area. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

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How We Can Help: The Basics

Docusearch provides users with an easy solution to investigative problems. For example, are you trying to find someone’s social security number, or looking to discover an individual’s identity based on their license plate number or VIN? Backed by licensed private investigators, our services scour credible sources for the information you need to answer any investigative question.

All of our investigative searches return the most accurate, up-to-date answers as possible. From a reverse phone number search to discovering an individual’s date of birth, we always take the necessary time to find the most effective answer, not the fastest one. After all, in such sensitive matters, receiving a quality, relevant result means more than receiving an instant, inaccurate result. Docusearch has been helping people with their investigative problems for years, now let us help you.

License Plate # Search

If you’re looking for vehicle related information, you’ve come to the right place. With a license plate # lookup, you can find people who you need to locate, whether it’s for a court case, an accident investigation or another permitted reason that a car owner may need to be found.

If you have a valid license plate number or VIN #, we can help you locate the owner of a vehicle by doing either a license plate lookup or a VIN number check.

Unlike other online license plate searches, we do not require a subscription and are licensed private investigators. As licensed investigators, our license plate searches are computer-connected to state DMV databases, so our search results are usually available within 1-2 days and provide the most up-to-date registration information.

Reverse Phone Number Search

If you are looking to discover someone’s identity based on a phone number, look no further than our reverse phone number lookup service. Using only a working phone number, we can accurately find, validate, and return both an individual’s name and their address.

Providing us with a working phone number is all it takes to get our professional investigators started on their search. Within one business day, the investigators return with the accurate result of the reverse phone number search. That’s all it takes for you to achieve quality, relevant results.

Though other online investigative agencies offer instantaneous results, many of these agencies utilize out-of-date databases, thus providing you with inaccurate results. Our licensed professional investigators go to phone companies to achieve the latest information, so you get exactly what you need: real results.

Hidden Bank Account Search

Our hidden bank account lookup is a popular search for anyone in the process of a divorce, civil litigation, pre-litigation or judgment enforcement. This search allows you to find all of the bank accounts linked to an individual within their state. It’s all too common that people hide assets when going through a divorce or legal dispute. This hidden bank account search will allow you to find all of their bank accounts within a given state without the person knowing you are conducting the search. We don’t stop at one find either; we’ll continue to search all major banks and credit unions to discover all hidden assets associated with the subject.

Find SSN by Name

Retrieve your subjects Social Security Number with our private investigative search simply by providing their full name, street address, and age (date of birth helps too!). Our “Find SSN by Name” search is commonly used for debt collection, child support, 1099 filings, military affidavits, and other legal reasons. This search is successful assuming the subject has established credit (it doesn’t matter how good or bad it is) and is at least 21 years old. While the search itself is very private and secure, we require a detailed explanation regarding the legal necessity for your search so we can put our private investigators to work. The search returns the subject’s social security number in about one business day.