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There are many reasons why you may need to find the owner of a car, such as for finding people for court cases, fraud, or accident investigation. Our license plate search results come directly from the specified state registration authority and are guaranteed to be accurate. No annual fees or no subscriptions. Simply pay a one-time $39 charge (a few select states charge more) for one license plate lookup.

Vehicle License Plate Number Lookup

In the action movies, the hero jots down the license plate number of the bad guy, then hops on his computer, does a license plate lookup, and figures out exactly who the bad guy is.Unfortunately, doing a license plate search in real life is not nearly as easy!

There are plenty of websites that promise to give you all of the license plate details you need. However, there are no free websites out there that can give you names, addresses, and other details during a simple license plate lookup. Instead, you’ll have to get that information from a paid service.

How do you tell which services are selling genuine information and which ones are just trying to take your money?

About 95% of the companies you find in a Google search are license plate look up subscription database services; unfortunately, they tend to be the worst of the lot. Most of these services simply take your money and give you things that you could have found on your own – like links to other paid license plate search sites. These services typically offer appetizing promises like “instant results” and “unlimited searches”. However, the truth is there are no “instant results” for real-time accurate information related to license plate searches. The results other services provide are usually out-of-date and flat-out wrong. It’s easy to make promises without stamping it with a money-back gaurantee or a simple contact number for when the search goes sour.

Results from Docusearch are guaranteed up-to-date because we are licensed private investigators with direct access to the current state DMV records That’s why we’re head and shoulders above the rest and recommended by Forbes Magazine.