hidden asset search

Why Hidden Asset Searches Are So Important

Hidden asset searches are vital to anyone looking to gather intimate details about another party. We have found 6 main reasons you would want to do a hidden asset search on someone else. They include…

1. Collecting A Lawsuit Judgment – If you win a civil court case, the other party is not going to write you a check on the spot. Sure, the judge will give him a court order that says he has to pay you, but it will be your responsibility to collect. By running a hidden asset search, you can prove that the other party has sufficient means to pay you – and that he doesn’t have any reason to hold things up.

2. Going Through A Divorce – Many people will resort to sneaky tricks to keep from paying you what you deserve, even if they agreed to a 50/50 split. A hidden asset search allows you to find hidden accounts so you get every penny you’re owed.

3. Collecting Child Support Or Alimony – Many uncaring parents and ex-spouses will conjure up creative ways to make sure you don’t get paid what you’re owed. They do this by hiding their assets so you only get a small portion of what they really own. If you want to make sure you’re getting paid what you’re owed, you must do a hidden asset search.

4. Contesting A Will – As painful as the death of a loved one can be, the situation can get even worse if the estate tries to hide assets from the will’s beneficiaries. If you think that the decedents will hasn’t listed everything, you’ll need to conduct a hidden asset search to find out what’s really going on.

5. Partnering With A New Business Associate – Background searches can’t give you the information you need to determine if your new partner is a trustworthy one.

6. Before You Sue Someone – Before you spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer, doing a hidden asset search lets you determine if the lawsuit would be worthwhile for you.

Why Ours Are Different

Most “cheap” and “instant” hidden asset searches do nothing but look through outdated public database records. This doesn’t help you. When you use Docusearch, our real private investigators will perform extensive research to locate hidden bank and brokerage accounts, undisclosed assets and anything else that may help you obtain the money you’re rightfully owed.

Here’s How To Get Started

We offer three searches to find hidden assets and a search to locate someone’s current employment. The differences are important, so to get started please read through the four following options and then select a search to view complete details and place an order.

Bank Account Search

Search for Bank AccountsMany people, such as those going through a divorce or other legal reasons, will go to enormous lengths to hide bank accounts. They are trying to shield their assets from collectors. That’s why our private investigators need to use specialized methods to locate all hidden bank accounts used by the person you are investigating. This all happens behind the scenes without their knowledge. Learn more about our Bank Account Search.

Brokerage Account Search

Search for a Brokerage AccountsThis is the best option if you’re only looking for investment and/or individual retirement accounts owned by the person you’re investigating. Our licensed private investigators will use techniques not available to the general public to search through your subjects private accounts without his or her knowledge. Learn more about our Brokerage Account Search.

Nationwide Bank & Brokerage Combination Search

Search Nationwide for Banks & Brokerage AccountsIf you feel you need both of the above two options, the Nationwide Bank & Brokerage combination search allows our private investigators to conduct both searches at a reduced price. With this option we will also untangle any web of business accounts so all of their hidden assets are revealed. Learn more about our Nationwide Bank & Brokerage Account Search.

Current Employment Search

Find where employedThis search is essential for attaching to a judgment debtor’s wages. It includes the employer name, address, and telephone number. Learn more about our Current Employment Lookup.

Identify Employer Identification Number

Identify FEIN

Need to identify a business FEIN for the purpose of asset location or requesting a bank account search? Our private investigators use a unique combination of approximately twenty five separate databases to verify the subject’s Employer Identification Number, guaranteed. Learn more about the FEIN Search.