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Hidden Asset Searches – Why They’re So Important

You may think that you can find everything you need to know about a person through public record searches or through a background check. Unfortunately, though, people hide a lot of information about themselves – especially when it comes to their assets. That doesn’t mean all of these people are criminals, but it does mean that – without some digging – you won’t know how much a person is truly worth without conducting a hidden asset search. Law enforcement agencies use hidden asset searches all the time. That’s how they monitor the “underworld” and look out for laundered money or shady dealings with offshore accounts. But even if you’re not a police officer, you can still benefit from conducting a hidden asset search. How?

If you’re in any of these 6 situations, a hidden asset search is a must-do:

1. You’re entering into a new business venture
Whether you want to invest in an existing business, bring a new business partner onboard to your own company, merge two companies together, or want to start up a new business with a group of investors, you need to know exactly who you’re dealing with. Unfortunately, a simple background check may not tell you everything you need to know. And if a hidden asset search turns up a wealth of hidden property or cash assets, you’ll want to think twice about who you’re getting into business with. After all, do you really want to rely on someone who thinks it’s OK to hide things from you?

2. You’re getting ready to sue someone
If you’re thinking of filing a lawsuit, you need to know what kind of assets the potential defendant has. After all, if the person you’re suing doesn’t have any assets, he won’t be able to pay a judgment even if you win; it’s no different than suing a rock! If you can’t find anything of value during a hidden asset search, you’re simply wasting your money on legal fees.

3. You need to collect on a judgment you won in a lawsuit
If you win a civil court case, the other party is not going to write you a check on the spot. Sure, the judge will give him a court order that says he has to pay you, but it will be your responsibility to collect. By running a hidden asset search, you can prove that the other party has sufficient means to pay you – and that he doesn’t have any reason to hold things up.

4. You’re going through a divorce
Unfortunately, when some people get divorced, they resort to sneaky tricks to keep their soon-to-be-ex from getting their fair share. If you’ve agreed to split all of your assets 50-50, you need to make sure that your spouse hasn’t tucked anything away in a hidden account. If you want to prevent things from getting messy later, you’ll need to do a hidden asset search right in the beginning.

5. You’re trying to collect child support or alimony
Sadly, it’s not uncommon for people to hide their assets and claim that they don’t have the means to pay their child support or alimony payments. And, unfortunately, public child support enforcement agencies don’t have the resources to track every evader down. If you want to get the money that’s owed to you, you’ll need to be proactive and run a hidden asset search to make sure that your ex is telling the truth.

6. You’re contesting a will
As painful as the death of a loved one can be, the situation can get even worse if the estate tries to hide assets from the will’s beneficiaries. If you think that the decedents will hasn’t listed everything, you’ll need to conduct a hidden asset search to find out what’s really going on.

To view a complete search descriptions, please select the one of the three hidden asset searches below:

Brokerage Account Search

Search for a Brokerage AccountIdentify Brokerage Account Records

Customers who order a brokerage account search typically are looking to locate stocks, bonds and securities owned by the subject of their choice. This search uses information provided by the customer, such as the subject’s full name, social security number, last known street address and date of birth, to conduct a nationwide search to locate all open brokerage/investment accounts that the subject may have. A Brokerage Account search is also very useful for locating hidden assets that the subject may own as well. Staffed by real, licensed private investigators and professional skip-tracers specializing in the location of hidden assets, our quality of results is truly unparalleled by our competitors. We will conduct a nationwide search of all major brokerages, to locate the requested information fast. Results will include brokerage name, address and phone number, account type, account title and current approximate account balance. (No account numbers will be returned) Once an account is located we will continue to search all major brokerage firms, nationally. Your subject will remain unaware that he/she has ever been searched.

Bank Account Search

Search for Bank AccountsUncover Hidden Bank Accounts

There are many reasons that a person may want to hide a bank account, whether it is for a divorce or other legal reasons, doing this has the potential to hide assets from collectors. The information that is returned from a bank account search is highly protected, which makes finding it difficult. We use a team of licensed private investigators and professional skip-tracers to locate all open bank accounts within a specified state and return the bank name, address, and phone number, account type, account title and the approximate account balance. Account numbers can’t be released for legal reasons. Once an account is located, we will not stop searching. Our private investigators will continue to search all major banks and credit unions within the state and locality of the subject. The subject will remain oblivious to the fact that they have been searched.

Nationwide Bank & Brokerage Search

Search Nationwide for Banks & Brokerage AccountsComplete Nationwide Coverage

The Nationwide Bank & Brokerage Search is the complete package!. By combining both of the above bank account and brokerage account searches you get nationwide coverage at a reduced price. Additionally, we will include a search of any business accounts that your subject may be associated with.