Conduct a Criminal Background Search Of Any Person

Discover the truth about the real person you’re about to hire, or rent to. You may even want to research yourself and see what kind of information people can gather. Our criminal history check is fast, accurate and guaranteed to give you the information you need… at the county, state or national level.

Criminal History Check: How We’re Different

Our criminal records lookups are hand-researched and closely reviewed for accuracy by our real, licensed private investigators. You can choose from county-wide arrests, state or national criminal records depending on how broad the scope or details you want. You’ll gain access to the same information used by law enforcement, and have results back to you within the same business day for statewide and national searches, while county-wide arrest records (searched onsite) take just a few days instead of weeks.

Criminal Records Lookup: How To Get Started

To perform your search, please choose from either a national, statewide or county-wide search. You’ll then be directed to the order page which shows you exactly what you will receive, what to expect, return times and much more.

National Criminal Records

Criminal Background Check

With over 300 million criminal records available, this extensive search gives you detailed information of crimes committed by the person in question throughout the entire country. These records include the sex offender registry, all national security databases as well as any regularly updated proprietary criminal databases. For complete coverage of a certain area, please view state specific available resources. Your results will typically include the date of the arrest/offense, charge, case number and disposition for all convictions occurring in the last ten years. Learn more about performing a National Criminal Records Lookup.

Statewide Criminal Records

Criminal History Check

This search is best for those looking to perform a criminal background check within a given state. Information is pulled from the sex offender registry for the state selected, Department of Corrections records, state court records and county level records. Some states will only return records dating back seven to ten years. Learn more about a Statewide Criminal Records search.

Arrest Records Search

Arrest Records Search

This search is best for those looking to find arrest records of a person within a given county. It will return all recorded criminal arrests and convictions (both felony and misdemeanor) within a specific county, providing the arrests occurred in the past ten years. Results typically include the date of arrest/offense, charge, case number and disposition for all arrests; with the exception of juvenile or sealed records. There is a maximum of ten records returned per court searched from a County-Wide Criminal Arrest search. Individual New York City boroughs are not available separately and must be searched collectively by ordering the Statewide Criminal Records Search.

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