Check Tenants Background

Why Background Checks Are So Important

Background checks are imperative for uncovering the truth about another person. They can be used to get detailed information about their criminal, commercial and financial records. They are most often used by…

• Employers looking to get information about a potential application
• Landlords doing due diligence on new potential tenants
• Individuals researching friends, new boyfriends, or anyone else they are suspicious of

Why Ours Are Different

Most websites touting “instant results” can do so because they use outdated, public records databases to gather your information. Many of which haven’t been updated in years. With Docusearch, you will have a licensed private investigator on your side, hand-searching and researching everything you need to know. All information is verified, accurate, and guaranteed up-to-date.

Here’s How To Get Started

To get started quickly, read through the following options to determine which type of background check you will need then make your selection to view a complete search description.

Employee Background Check

Check Employees Background

This option is perfect for employers and business owners verifying that the person you’re about to hire is who they say they are. This check includes identity verification (social security number), address history, criminal convictions, bankruptcies, death records, and phone listings; everything necessary to evaluate if a candidates history is appropriate for the job position. Learn more about Employee Background Check.

Tenant Background Screening

Check Tenants Background

Used mainly by landlords, the Tenant Background Check helps you avoid bad tenants and deadbeat renters who will give you nothing but problems. You’ll have access to their entire history, including address history, criminal records, bankruptcy filings and more.

Self Background Check

Self Background Lookup

Want to see what others will be able to find out about you? This check shows you exactly what others, such as potential employers, will be able to uncover about your life. That gives you a unique advantage to right any wrongs and prepare yourself for any hard questions. Learn more about Self Background Checks.

Comprehensive Background Check

Comprehensive Background Lookup

This is a combination of several proprietary database searches to give an overall view of the subject’s character and financial status. The main reason you might need this search is to uncover potential warning signs which might warrant further investigation. Learn more about a Comprehensive Background Check.