Want the Name Behind that Cell Phone Number?

Here’s How to Do It…

If you’re looking for basic answers and solutions, Google is a great place to go.  But when you’re trying to do a cell phone number search, Google isn’t going to be much help.

So, where do you go?

You’ll need to use a reverse cell phone service.  Contrary to what you might find in sales copy floating around the web, these services aren’t free.  And, they’re not something that “just anyone” can do.  If you really want to do a cell phone lookup, you’ll need to pay someone who has access to cell phone provider’s records.  The team at Docusearch is full of licensed private investigators, so they can help you look up any cell phone number that you want.

What kind of information will you get?

As long as you’re dealing with a legitimate reverse cell phone service, you’ll get the name of the cell phone subscriber and their current billing address.

But how do you know if your reverse cell phone service is “legitimate”?

You’ll need to be on the lookout for red flags.

For example, if a website promises you “instant” results, they’re not legitimate.  That’s because all of those “instant” websites have access to outdated information.  That’s how they can get it to you so fast!  Instead, finding current information can take a little bit of time.

If you see a website promising “guaranteed” results, that’s another red flag.  Lots of websites make this promise because it gets customers in the door.  However, it’s sneaky.  After all, the website isn’t guaranteeing you CURRENT results.  They’re simply promising to provide information about a certain cell phone number.  Unfortunately, you might wind up with the name of the person who had that phone number 10 years ago!

Another red flag is a monthly service fee.  Chances are if you’re doing a cell phone number lookup, you need to learn who’s behind one specific number.  What are the odds that you’re going to need to look up any other numbers?  Then why would you pay for a monthly service?  It’s a complete waste of your money!

Making things worse — if you send money to one of these red flag websites, the odds of you getting money back when things go wrong are slim.  That’s because most of these websites don’t have phone numbers or email addresses that are connected to a real person.  If you try to contact them to complain, you won’t actually get to talk to anyone!  It is important to take the time required to search for a reliable private investigation service, because ultimately it will save you the frustration of becoming the victim of an online scam.

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