Doing a Tennessee Criminal Records Search? Here's How to Get Everything Right!

Tennessee Criminal Records SearchWhether you’re looking for someone new to rent out your spare bedroom, you’re looking for someone new to work at your company, or you’re a little suspicious of your mother’s new love interest, a Tennessee criminal records search can give you the full story about the person in question.

But in order to get legitimate, accurate, informative results, you’ve got to get everything right from start to finish!

First, you need to understand that there’s a huge difference between a licensed private investigator and a website that churns out instant search results. A license grants a private investigator access to information that is normally just reserved for law enforcement. It also gives him the authority to look at the most recently updated records, rather than settling for scraps of old public records.

Tennessee Criminal Court Records

Here’s the thing that most people don’t realize — the vast majority of those instant websites aren’t run by licensed private investigators. They’re not even run by anyone with any kind of investigative expertise or background. Instead, the people who run these websites are merely data aggregators.

What does that mean?

Since they don’t have access to everything that a licensed investigator does, they buy old public records, upload them to their servers, and design a website that can automatically spit out the information on demand.

Unfortunately, there are two big problems with that way of doing business. First, the records they use tend to be several years out of date. So, if your person in question was convicted of a crime recently, he may come up clean on one of these outdated searches! Second, there’s no one in charge of double-checking the results to make sure they’re accurate. Because everything is done automatically, your entire search could be ruined if the software makes a mistake!

That’s why licensed investigators don’t work like that. Instead, they take full advantage of the access they’ve got, going through all of their resources by hand. That way, they can be as thorough as possible, while also keeping a sharp eye peeled for false positives or any other red flags that may pop up.

During your Tennessee criminal records search, a good investigator will dig through:

– Records from Tennessee’s Administrative Office of Courts, which is a centralized database for all 95 of the Circuit and Criminal Courts in the state. If your person in question has ever been charged with a crime and taken to trial, his name, known aliases, specific charges, and sentencing details will all be listed here.

– Records that come directly from County Courts, including General Sessions cases, specific police records that were used to prosecute a criminal case, and additional details about the criminal case itself.

– Data from the Bureau of Investigation Methamphetamine Offender Registry, which lists all of the offenders who have been convicted of manufacturing methamphetamine’s.

– Records from the Tennessee Department of Corrections, including specific details about current and former inmates. These records also keep track of probationers, parolees, and anyone else who has been under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, dating back to 1968.

– Information from the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry, which includes pictures of every offender.

– Indexes of prior criminal records searches done throughout Tennessee, including those done in conjunction with a county, state, or federal investigation.

Tennessee Criminal Search

See what you’re missing when you rely on those instant websites?! Without all of the pieces to the puzzle, it’s impossible for you to make an educated decision about someone. And, because the vast majority of these records are updated every month, even relying on data that’s a few months old can make someone come up clean, even though they really aren’t.

But how long does it take for a licensed investigator to wade through all of this information?

That’s the good thing about professional investigators — they know how to make things as efficient as possible. Their expertise allows them to work quickly, without missing anything. You may not get instant results, but they’ll be sent to you very quickly. (Here at Docusearch, we can run your Tennessee criminal records search and get the results to you within one business day.)

What about the price?

Because those instant websites tend to be chock full of hidden fees, tricky expenses, and other underlying costs, it can actually be more affordable to hire a licensed investigator! The reputable ones will charge you a one-time fee for each search. Once it’s time for you to see the results or ask questions, you’ll get to do so without paying anything extra.

Bottom line — you’ll get better information at a better price by working with a licensed private investigator!

Ready to turn your Tennessee criminal records search over to the experts? Turn to the team of licensed private investigators at Docusearch!

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