Need a New Mexico Criminal Records Search? Here's How You Do a Good One

New Mexico Criminal Records SearchThere are all kinds of reasons why you need to do a New Mexico criminal records search. Maybe you’re hiring a new employee, or maybe you’re looking for a new tenant to rent out your spare bedroom.

Whatever the reason, here’s what you need to know to get the best results possible:

  1. Get a licensed private investigator to do the work

Having a license means that an investigator has access to things that the general public doesn’t. In fact, a licensed private investigator can dig into information that’s normally just reserved for law enforcement! He’ll also have access to the most recent updates, so you’ll never have to worry about someone coming up clean when they’re really not.

In the end, your New Mexico criminal records search will be much more thorough than the information you get from those websites that aren’t run by anyone with any kind of investigative background.

Here’s exactly what your investigator needs to look at in order to do a thorough search:

– Records from New Mexico’s Administrative Office of Courts, which contain information from all of the District and Magistrate cases around the state. Your investigator will be able to get an official case number, a description of the offense committed and the charges filed, along with plea and disposition details.

– Records that are updated every month by the New Mexico Department of Corrections, including details about felons who are (or have been) incarcerated, on parole, and on probation.

– Records from the New Mexico DWI Offender Database, which contain specific details dating back to 2001.

– Records from New Mexico’s Sex Offender Registry, which contains bi-weekly updates of offenders’ parole and probation status, along with a description of the crime they committed.

– Criminal court records that are maintained by Bernalillo County, including an official case number, all known aliases that criminals are using, and specific details about the arrest and following court case.

New Mexico Criminal Search

  1. Forget about those instant results

In order to do the very best New Mexico criminal records search, you don’t just need someone with access to all of the resources we just talked about. You also need someone who’s willing to go through them by hand! Luckily, a reputable investigator will do just that. Not only will it make for a more comprehensive search, doing the work by hand will also give your investigator a chance to double-check everything so that you don’t end up with any false positives. After all, your search is useless if it turns up criminal records that belong to someone with a similar name or birthday to your person in question!

When you look at it this way, it’s obvious that these thorough results can’t be generated instantly. Most of the websites you see offering criminal records searches cut corners so that they can brag about giving instant results. In reality, they don’t have access to everything that a licensed investigator does, so they do the next best thing — buy up as many public records as they can, upload them to their server, and design a website that can spit out information in just a few seconds. Unfortunately, most of the records they get their hands on are several years out of date, and there’s no one in charge of checking them before the website spits them out at you.

Bottom line — instant results are way too risky. They’re old, and there’s a huge chance that they’re not even accurate. They’re definitely not something you should be using to make an important decision!

New Mexico Criminal Court Records

  1. Steer clear of the sales hype

As if the instant results weren’t bad enough, those websites do something else that can really screw up your New Mexico criminal records search — they say their work is free when it’s really not. Sure, technically it’s free to type someone’s name into the search box. However, when it’s time for you to actually see the search results, you’re forced to pay for them. Some websites even take it a step further by making you sign up for a subscription service that you don’t need or want!

Instead of dealing with hyped up sales copy and tricky fine print, you need a licensed private investigator. The professionals won’t resort to scams like these. Instead, they’ll tell you right upfront how much your search is going to cost — and they’ll only charge you one time. You’ll be able to see your results and ask your investigator questions without having to dig back into your wallet.

Want a team of licensed private investigators to perform a thorough New Mexico criminal records search in just one business day? Turn to the team at Docusearch!

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