Here's the Lowdown on Your Kentucky Criminal Records Search

Kentucky Criminal Records SearchThere are a variety of reasons why you would want to know if someone has a felony past. Maybe you’re thinking of trusting them to work in your store while you take some much-needed time off. Or, maybe you’re considering bringing them on as a partner in your business. Or, maybe there are regulations that require you to run a background check on all of your new employees.

Whatever the reason, here’s the lowdown on doing a successful Kentucky criminal records search:

– Hiring a private investigator is the way to go

A licensed private investigator not only has the expertise to perform a detailed search, but his license also gives him access to information that most people can’t see. As a result, the information you get will be much more comprehensive that what anyone else can give you.

Kentucky Criminal Court Records

– Those instant results aren’t very impressive, after all

Still think you can skip the licensed investigator and use one of those instant websites? After all, you need answers NOW, right? Unfortunately, though, there’s a good chance those answers won’t be as reliable as you think.

That’s because websites need to have everything pre-loaded onto their servers in order to spit information out instantly. So, instead of searching the most updated version of records, the people who run these websites buy up some records, upload them onto the server, and they’re forwarded onto you in the time it takes to click your mouse a few times.

Unfortunately, that means you’re not getting the most recent information. Many of Kentucky’s criminal records are updated either monthly or bi-weekly. That’s a far cry from most of the records these websites use! Typically, the best they can do is to buy records that are several years old.

These websites are simply data aggregators — not investigators. The vast majority of them are not run by anyone with a private investigator’s license (or any investigative experience whatsoever!). Even if they constantly worked to update their servers, they’d never be able to get their hands on the same current information that a private investigator can access.

Kentucky Criminal Search

– Private investigators are thorough AND quick

We’ve already discussed that licensed private investigators can access all kinds of information, but what exactly will they look at during your Kentucky criminal records search?

The good ones will study:

– Information that’s maintained by the Kentucky Department of Corrections, including the date and location of felonies committed around the state, along with personal details about the felons that are in/have been sentenced to a Department of Corrections facility. Your private investigator will also be able to access the official case number and specific sentencing details for the person in question.

– Information that is collected and updated by the Kentucky State Police in the state’s Sex Offender Registry.

– The index of prior criminal records searches, including those that have been ordered by county-level, state, and federal authorities.

– Details related to certain traffic offenses.

A good private investigator will go through all of these resources by hand and then compile a report for you. While you certainly won’t get the results instantly, you WILL get them quickly. (For example, here at Docusearch, we can perform a search and get the results to you within one business day.)

– Paying a private investigator is much easier than trying to figure out a website’s fine print

Those websites make it awfully tempting to take advantage of their Kentucky criminal court records searches. After all, they usually brag about offering cheap — or even free — searches.

The only problem? The fine print usually tells a very different story!

Yes, if you simply want to type a person’s name into the search box, it will be free to do. However, if you actually want to see the results of your search, you’ll likely have to crack open your wallet. Even worse, some websites actually force you into a costly subscription service before they let you see your search results.

Licensed private investigators don’t do business this way. Instead, they charge a one-time fee for each of your Kentucky criminal records searches. Once you pay, they’ll get to work, and you’ll never be asked to spend anything else.

– Most of those websites are a one-way street

Those data aggregator websites are great at taking your money, but if you have any questions for them, good luck getting them answered! It’s very hard — if not impossible — to find contact information on most of these websites.

Luckily, a good investigator will be happy to speak to you on the phone or via email so that you get all of your questions answered.

Ready to see the difference for yourself? Turn to the team of licensed private investigators at Docusearch for your Kentucky Criminal Records Search!

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