Need a Louisiana Criminal Records Search? Read This First!

Louisiana Criminal Records SearchSearching through criminal and court records is a great way to find out more about someone — especially because someone with a felony past may not be so forthcoming about his history. But if you’re going to do a Louisiana criminal records search, you need to do it correctly.

Here’s how:

– Learn what separates a good criminal search from a bad one

The results of your search will only be as good as the resources you tap into. However, most of the quality information you need isn’t available to the general public. If you really want to dig into someone’s past, you’ll need a licensed private investigator, because they have access to information that’s normally reserved just for law enforcement.

That being said, here’s what your investigator needs to access in order to give you the most comprehensive Louisiana criminal records search possible:

– Information from the Louisiana Department of Corrections, including the offense committed, the date they entered a corrections facility, and details surrounding offenders who are on parole.

– Information from the Louisiana Sex Offender Registry. These records detail whether the offender committed his crime against someone who was under the age of 18, whether the offender actually committed the sex crime or simply attempted to, the date and location where the crime was committed, and any aliases that the offender has been caught using.

– Felony court records from Bossier, Caddo, Orleans, and St. Tammany Parishes. These records typically include a description of the offense committed, the final court disposition, and the official case number.

– Official records related to certain traffic offenses.

Louisiana Criminal Court Records

– Ask how the searching will be done

The only acceptable answer to this question is, “by hand”. Licensed private investigators know how important it is to comb through all of the information by hand. After all, when you start automating things, your odds of false positives and other inaccurate results go way up!

Unfortunately, most of the websites you see don’t work this way. That’s because they’re not run by anyone with a private investigator’s license. Instead, they buy up as many public records as they can (because, remember, they can’t access everything that someone with a license can), load them onto their server, and build their website so that it spits out information automatically. Because the information is sent to you instantly, there’s no human oversight to make sure mistakes weren’t made.

– Don’t wait any longer than you have to

While instant Louisiana criminal court records searches have a habit of being inaccurate, that doesn’t mean you need to wait for days or weeks on end to get the information that you need. A good licensed private investigator will not only be able to access all of the resources you need, but he’ll also be able to work quickly. (For example, here at Docusearch, our investigators have the expertise to perform a search and send you the results within one business day.)

Louisiana Criminal Search

– Find out all of the pricing details before you begin

A reputable investigator will be more than happy to tell you how much your Louisiana criminal records search will cost. You’ll be asked to pay a one-time fee upfront, and then when your results are ready, you’ll get them — without being asked to spend any more money. Sounds easy, right?

Unfortunately, most of those data aggregator websites make things much more complicated!

They like to brag about very cheap (or even free) searches, but that sales pitch doesn’t give you the entire story. What they’re conveniently leaving out is the fact that those deals only apply to physically typing someone’s name into the search box. Once you actually want to see the results of your search, you’ll have to pay up. In some cases, you may even be forced into paying for a costly subscription service before you get to see your search results!

– Look for contact information before you hand over your credit card number

There may be plenty of fine print on those data aggregator websites, but one thing you’re not likely to see is contact information. Because everything is done automatically, there’s no person for you to call or email if you run into trouble or have a question. Conversely, a good private investigator will make it easy for you to call or email him.

Don’t leave your Louisiana criminal search to chance! Instead, make it a success by turning it over to the team of licensed private investigators at Docusearch.

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