Lawsuit Search: How to Search Civil Court Records

At last count, there were more than 15 million lawsuits filed in the U.S. every single year. That comes out to a new lawsuit every two seconds! While some of these cases have merit, many of them are filed by people who are simply looking for a big payday or who have some other kind of ulterior motive.

Unfortunately, most lawsuits DON’T make the news. So, if someone you’re thinking of working with, marrying, or entering into a contract with has been involved in civil litigation, you probably don’t know it!

So, how do you search civil court records?

Simple, you turn to a team of licensed private investigators!

Lawsuit Search

Many of the documents pertaining to lawsuits are public record, but trying to search civil court records related to a specific person can be next to impossible. After all, who has the time to go county-by-county and search through a sea of paperwork? If you were to try and locate someone else’s circuit court records, you could literally spend months or years searching and not turn up all of the information that’s out there!

Making things even more difficult, some counties don’t even have their civil court records online. So, if you want to look through their records, you’re going to have to get in your car and visit the courthouse in person. Who has time for that?!

But when you hire licensed private investigators, you get access to a team that has been there and done that countless times before. They know exactly how and where to look — and how to make the search as efficient as possible. As a result, you’ll be able to get the information you need in a matter of days, instead of weeks, months, or years.

That doesn’t mean they’ll cut corners, though. A good group of investigators will do all of their searching by hand. With that much attention to detail, they’ll be able to locate any and all lawsuit filings and other civil court records that are connected to the person in question.

And, as an added benefit, licensed private investigators have access to information that’s usually just reserved for law enforcement. So, in addition to streamlining their search, they may be able to be more thorough than you ever could have!

But how much does all of this cost?

How to Search Civil Court Records

Right about now, you’re probably thinking that hiring a private investigator to search civil court records is way beyond your budget. Luckily, that couldn’t be further from the truth! A good team of investigators will charge you a one-time (reasonable!) fee for your civil court record search in a particular county. You won’t be asked to pay any monthly or yearly subscriptions, and you won’t be surprised later with a ton of hidden charges. You also won’t have to deal with any future commitments. Instead, you’ll simply pay for the search, the investigators will do the work, and you’ll get the information sent to you in a few days. It doesn’t get easier than that!

What about those free services?

If you look around the web, you’ll find plenty of companies that offer to search civil court records for free — or to give you free access to the information that they have. However, this is definitely a case where you get what you pay for! The vast majority of those companies only have access to old and outdated information. Sure, it won’t cost you anything to get your hands on a few documents, but think about all of the information you could be missing out on!

Search Civil Court Records

If you want the REAL story, you’ve got to handle your search the right way, and that means turning to a team with plenty of training and expertise. If you’re thinking of making a life-changing decision, you owe it to yourself to know exactly who you’re dealing with.

OK, so what kind of information do your investigators need before they can get to work?

They’ll obviously need the name of the person in question. The person’s date of birth is also helpful, but it’s not required to do a thorough search. Your investigators will also need the county and state that you want to do your search in.

What kind of information can your investigators turn up?

They won’t be able to give you the entire transcript of the case, but they will be able to give you the case number, the cause of action, the names of the litigants involved, and the current status of the case (or, in old cases, the outcome). They’ll also give you any other details about the case that they can uncover.

Expert private investigators will be able to locate small claims filings and other lawsuit details that have taken place over the past seven years. That way, you’ll have some insight as to what your potential spouse or business partner has been up to over the past few years.

Ready to find out the truth?

The team at Docusearch can make your lawsuit search quick, easy, and affordable! For a one-time fee of $49, you can get the back story on someone who’s about to play a big role in YOUR life. It’s the easiest way to buy peace of mind!

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