Your background check has several sections:

Identity Verification
Name/Address Information
National Criminal Records
National Bankruptcies

Identity Verification:  This insures that the Social Security Number is issued to your subject and is valid for working purposes. It includes the date and state it was issued.

Name/Address Information: An address history, provided by the major credit bureaus, includes all addresses associated with credit, normally for the past ten years.  Too many addresses in a short period of time can be indicative of a flighty person.  Also, some addresses can appear as duplicates. This frequently happens when unit or apartment numbers are included in some credit application and not others. This is nothing to be concerned about.

National Criminal Records: Your report contains a search of all reported criminal convictions, including traffic violations.  If a charge is reported as Unspecified, it is normally indicative of a traffic violation.  By law, arrests or ongoing cases cannot be reported until/unless the arrest results in a conviction.

National Bankruptcies: Bankruptcies records are reported to give insight into how your subject handles financial responsibility.  A history of bankruptcy filings may be cause for alarm if the job responsibilities include handling of money or bookkeeping. BBB Business Review