The Ins and Outs of a Successful Maine Criminal Records Search

Maine Criminal Records SearchThere are all kinds of reasons to invest in a Maine criminal records search. Whether you’re hiring a new employee or taking on a new tenant, you need to make the best decision possible — which means you need the best information possible.

The only way to get it? Hiring a licensed private investigator to do the work!

Having a license means that your investigator can access information that most people can’t. In fact, a licensed private investigator gets to comb through information that’s normally just reserved for law enforcement. That means you can count on him to give you the most thorough search results possible.

Maine Criminal Court Records

What exactly will your private investigator look at when he does your Maine criminal records search?

– Records that are maintained by the Maine Department of Corrections, including details about felons who have been sentenced to a state correctional facility. Your private investigator will be able to get details of the case — including the official case number — along with information about when and where the person in question served his time.

– Information from the Maine Sex Offender Registry, including details about both sex offenders and violent predators. These records are updated bi-weekly, and by combing through them, your private investigator will be able to tell you which sex crime the person in question was convicted of and what his sentence was.

– Indexes of prior criminal records searches that were either done by the State of Maine or ordered through a federal request.

– Information pertaining to certain traffic offenses.

Best of all, a good private investigator will search through all of these resources by hand. That way, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t end up with any false positives or other inaccuracies. You’ll simply get the information you need, quickly and easily.

Just how quickly will you get it?

A good investigator has the expertise to do a Maine criminal court records search efficiently. In fact, here at Docusearch, we can perform your search and get the results to you within one business day.

But what about those other websites that promise instant search results?

Unfortunately, those websites offer a great sales pitch and little else. That’s because the people running them are not licensed private investigators. In fact, they typically don’t have any kind of investigative background whatsoever! Instead, they buy up old public records, upload them to their server, and design a website that can spit them out in an instant. That doesn’t make them investigators; it makes them data aggregators!

Maine Criminal Search

If you think that sounds a little fishy, you’re right!

These websites simply don’t have the same access to information that a licensed private investigator does. Even worse, the only records they can usually get their hands on are several years out of date — meaning that your person in question could easily come up clean on one of these websites even though he’s got a recent felony conviction!

Making things even scarier, there’s no one double-checking the results that these websites spit out. So, you could wind up with information about someone who has a similar name or the same birthday as your person in question.

That doesn’t sound like a good way to make a decision, does it?

Adding insult to injury, these websites tend to cost more than you’ll pay a licensed private investigator to do the job correctly. That’s because many of these websites promise free searches — without mentioning that you’ll have to hand over a hefty fee or sign up for a costly subscription service in order to actually see your search results.

Luckily, a good private investigator won’t do business that way. Instead, he’ll tell you right out of the box what his fee is, and once you’ve paid it, you won’t be asked to spend another cent. You’ll be able to get your results and get all of your questions answered without cracking open your wallet again.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case on those data aggregator websites. On the vast majority of them, it’s impossible to find any contact information. If you’re lucky enough to find an email address, there’s a slim chance anyone will ever get back to you. Remember, these websites are designed to run automatically. They’re focused on making as much quick money as possible — not on giving you the best information!

Don’t let your Maine criminal records search be ruined by amateurs. Instead, turn to the team of licensed private investigators at Docusearch!

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