Don't Consider Doing an Indiana Criminal Records Search Without Following This Advice!

Indiana Criminal Records SearchA good criminal records search can tell you an awful lot about a person — like whether or not they’ve ever been convicted of a felony, if they’ve ever been sent to prison, or if they’re currently on parole or probation. An Indiana criminal search will enable you to make an informed decision about that potential new employee or that guy who wants to rent the room over your garage, but ONLY if it’s a thorough search.

And the only way to get a thorough Indiana criminal records search is to have a licensed private investigator do it for you!

The word “licensed” makes all the difference here. With that license, your private investigator can access information that most people aren’t allowed to see. In fact, a licensed private investigator is privy to things that are normally just reserved for law enforcement!

Like what?

Indiana Criminal Court Records

During your records search, a good private investigator will dig through:

– Information from the Indiana Department of Corrections, including details about everyone who has been convicted of a felony and served time behind bars. These records will show when the person in question was convicted, which county the conviction took place in, and the official case number.

– Information from the Indiana Sex Offender Registry, which details every person who has been convicted of a sex or violent crime.

– County-level felony records that detail the offense, charges, court disposition, and any applicable probation information. Your private investigator will be able to zero in on Indiana’s biggest counties, including Dekalb, Floyd, Hamilton, Harrison, Monroe, and Owen.

– Information related to certain traffic offenses

Best of all, your private investigator won’t rely on an automated tools to do this search. Instead, he’ll comb through everything by hand. And, because he’s licensed, he’ll be able to see the very latest information. Considering that most of these records are updated monthly or bi-weekly, that’s a big benefit! The last thing you need is for someone’s Indiana criminal court records search to come up clean simply because you don’t have access to current information.

And unfortunately, that’s exactly what most websites will give you!

There are tons of websites out there that offer to do an Indiana criminal search, but they aren’t run by licensed private investigators. As a result, they can’t dig through all of the same things that a licensed investigator can.

In fact, they don’t dig at all!

Instead, these websites rely on automated technology to spit out information. They’re nothing more than data aggregators that buy up public records and upload them to their server, which means they can come flying out at the click of a mouse. Unfortunately, though, the records most of these websites invest in are several years old — and they rarely go back and update them later. Plus, there are no people in charge of double-checking the results. For all you know, you’re getting criminal records for someone with a similar name or birthday to your person in question.

Indiana Criminal Search

Bottom line — there are a number of reasons why the odds of your search being accurate on one of these websites are very, very slim!

Even worse, those data aggregator websites typically come with all kinds of hidden fees. They’ll brag about offering very cheap — or even free — Indiana criminal records searches. And, yes, technically it’s cheap or free to physically type someone’s name into the search box. However, what they fail to mention is that you’ll have to spend a bunch of money to actually see the search results! They may make you pay per search, or they may force you into an expensive subscription that you don’t want or need.

Luckily, reputable private investigators don’t act this way. Instead of tricking you with slick sales pitches and tricky fine print, they’ll make it clear that you owe a one-time fee. You’ll pay the money, they’ll get to work, and then they’ll send you your results and answer your questions without asking you for another cent.

But how long does all of this take?

Because the work is done by hand, you won’t be able to get the results of your Indiana criminal court records search instantly. However, a good investigator knows how to work quickly without cutting any quality corners. He’ll know the best way to streamline your search, so you won’t have to wait long for answers. (In fact, here at Docusearch, we can do your search and get you the results within one business day.)

Ready to put this advice to work for you? Order your Indiana Criminal Records Search today!

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