Important Advice for Your Idaho Criminal Records Search

Idaho Criminal Records SearchWhether you’re hiring a new employee, taking on a new tenant, getting involved with a new business partner, or even trying to ease your suspicions about your daughter’s new boyfriend, a good Idaho criminal records search is the best way to get the real story on someone.

But the most important word in that sentence is “good”. If your search isn’t very good, you could wind up making an important decision based off of bad information!

So, what’s the best way to conduct an Idaho criminal records search?

Get a licensed private investigator to do the work for you!

Idaho Criminal Court Records

A licensed private investigator has access to information that you don’t. In fact, that license gives him the power to comb through information that’s usually just reserved for law enforcement! That way, you can rest easy knowing that every single detail about the person in question is going to be revealed.

But what exactly will a licensed private investigator look at?

– Idaho court records, which will show when the person in question was convicted of a felony and a description of the charges, along with an official case number and court disposition.

– Information that’s housed in the Idaho Sex Offender Registry, which not only includes offenders who were convicted in an Idaho court but also offenders who entered the state and non-residents who work or attend school in Idaho.

– Records from the Idaho Department of Corrections, which include details about felons who are currently incarcerated, those that have already completed their sentence and are no longer under the Department’s supervision, and felons who are currently on parole or probation.

– Records that detail certain traffic offenses

In fact, the only Idaho court records that your investigator won’t be able to dig through are juvenile records and case records that have been officially sealed by a judge.

Best of all, a good private investigator will dig through everything by hand. Yes, that means it will take him longer than those websites that promise instant results, but the results you wind up getting are going to be so much better!


Because those instant websites aren’t run by private investigators. In fact, they’re not run by anyone with an investigative background. Instead, they’re simply data aggregators who scoop up whatever information they can get, load it onto their server, and design the website so that it spits out search results after just a few mouse clicks.

There are several problems with this business model:

– These websites don’t have access to the same things that licensed private investigators do. So, the information they’re spitting out is a hodge-podge of public records and nothing more.

– These websites don’t buy current records. Instead, the vast majority of websites are using records that are several years old. And once they’re loaded onto the server, they’re rarely — if ever — updated again. That means if the person in question was convicted recently, these records won’t show it!

– These websites don’t have any safeguards in place to prevent false positives. Because everything is done instantly, there’s no actual human involved to make sure that the results of your Idaho criminal records search are actually correct. You could wind up with data that belongs to someone with a name similar to your person’s name and never know it!

Idaho Criminal Search

And it really doesn’t take THAT much longer to get your search done by a licensed professional. In fact, here at Docusearch, we can get the results of your Idaho criminal search to you within one business day.

OK, so what about price?

Most people think that the data aggregator websites are cheaper. However, that’s not always the case! Many of these websites hook people with promises of very cheap — or even free — searches. In reality, though, it’s not as ideal as it sounds. Sure, it might be free to physically type someone’s name into the search box, but if you want to actually see the results, you’ll have to pay for them. Or, you’ll only have access to your unlimited searches once you pay an expensive monthly subscription fee.

Reputable private investigators simply don’t act this way. Instead of burying a ton of hidden fees in the fine print, they’ll be upfront about their charges. For example, here at Docusearch, we charge a one-time fee that’s due before your investigator starts working. Once the results are ready, you’ll get them without having to pull out your wallet again. The same goes for any questions you might have. You’ll never have to pay more to get them answered.

In the end, working with a licensed private investigator might be cheaper than those websites. And, of course, the search results are going to be a whole lot more thorough.

Order an Idaho Criminal Records Search from Docusearch and get the results you need!

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