Here’s What You Need to Make Your Texas Criminal Records Search a Success

Texas Criminal Records SearchWouldn’t it be nice if you could simply Google the term “Texas criminal records search” and be able to click on the very first website you see and end up with comprehensive results?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

There is a near-endless array of websites that offer to give you the full story on someone. However, most of them don’t have the resources or the expertise to give you what you need. When it comes to something as important as someone’s criminal history, you need a successful search.

And here’s what you need to get it:

A licensed private investigator

Having a license means getting to access information that most people never get to see – both in terms of databases and the most current updates. In fact, licensed private investigators have access to information that’s normally just reserved for law enforcement! By letting a licensed investigator handle your Texas criminal records search, you’ll end up with more details – and more current information – than you’ll be able to get from anyone else.

The right resources

Before you select your licensed investigator, you need to make sure that he’s going to look in all of the right places. In order to make your Texas criminal search a success, he needs to dig through:

– Criminal court records that are updated by the counties themselves. Whether your person in question was tried in County or District Court, your investigator will be able to see the agency that first arrested him, a description of the charges, an official case number, and sentencing details.

– Data from the Texas Department of Public Safety, including a description of convictions and deferred adjudications dating all the way back to 1975. These records will show when your person in question was charged, where the crime took place, and what the final court disposition was.

– Records from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, which list sentencing and parole information on every inmate that has served time in a state correctional facility since 1979. These records also have details for criminals who were sentenced to probation and community service.

– Information from the Texas Sex Offender Registry, which includes each offender’s registration date, a description of the crimes committed, risk level for re-offending as determined by the Department of Public Safety, known aliases, and current status.

– Indexes of prior criminal records searches done in Texas, including those executed because of a county, state, or federal request.

As if all of these resources weren’t impressive enough on their own, a good investigator will dig through all of them by hand. That way, he can eliminate any false positives that may pop up along the way – meaning that you can rest easy knowing that the results you get are completely accurate.

Texas Criminal Court Records

A few hours, instead of seconds

When you think about all of the work that your investigator will have to do to complete your Texas criminal court records search, it makes sense that you won’t be able to get the results instantly.

Luckily, though, a good investigator will have the expertise to do your search quickly, without cutting any corners. (For example, here at Docusearch, our licensed investigators can run your Texas criminal search and get the results to you within one business day.)

But what about those websites that promise you instant results?

They’re a complete waste of your time and money!

Because they’re not run by licensed investigators, they don’t have access to all of the resources we’ve talked about. And, the only way they can give you instant results is for the information to already reside on their server. That means they have to pre-load everything – meaning that you won’t have access to the most current information.

Even worse, because those websites can’t access the official information, they buy up a ton of public records to load onto their servers. And, unfortunately, those records tend to be several years out of date.

Texas Criminal Search

Easy to understand pricing

Reputable licensed investigators make their prices big, bold, and easy to understand. You’ll know exactly how much you owe before the work begins. The best investigators will charge you an upfront, one-time fee for each Texas criminal records search. Then you’ll have full access to the results – and to your investigator if you have any questions – without spending another dime.

That’s a far cry from those other websites. Unfortunately, they tend to hide a bunch of fees in the fine print. In fact, those free searches they like to brag about are anything but free. You may get to type someone’s name into the search box for free, but you’ll have to pay up if you actually want to see the results.

Ready to get the ball rolling on your successful Texas Criminal Records search? Turn to the team of licensed private investigators at Docusearch!

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