Doing a District of Columbia Criminal Search is Easy When You Hire a Private Investigator!

DC Criminal Court RecordsEven though it’s not technically a state, the District of Columbia houses most of the same records that “regular” states do — meaning it’s definitely possible to do a thorough criminal records search here. But if you really want to get the very best results, you’ve got to hire a licensed private investigator to do the searching for you.


For starters, licensed private investigators can access information that the rest of us can’t. In fact, their license allows them to comb through records that are normally just reserved for law enforcement. So unless you get someone with a license to handle your District of Columbia criminal records search, there’s a very good chance you’re not going to get the full story on the person in question!

District of Columbia Criminal Court Records

What exactly will your investigator search through?

– Records from the District of Columbia’s Department of Corrections, including information about people who have been released and paroled. These records also include details like sentencing dates, offense descriptions, and official case numbers.

– Records from the District of Columbia’s Sex Offender Registry, including data about Class A and Class B offenders. These records specify whether someone was convicted of a sex crime or if they were found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.

– Records from criminal courts in the District of Columbia, including details about felony arrests and convictions.

– Records pertaining to certain traffic offenses

Once you hand over a person’s name and date of birth, a good licensed private investigator will go through all of these records by hand and tell you everything you need to know to make a wise decision. Even better, a good investigator will work quickly. (Here at Docusearch, we can perform your search and get the results to you within one business day.)

But what about those websites that promise instant results?

District of Columbia Criminal Records Search

Google the term “District of Columbia criminal records search”, and you’ll end up with a near-endless array of websites that promise to let you search for free and get the results in a matter of seconds. However, if you know the real story behind these websites, you’ll understand why these promises are too good to be true.

First, spitting out information automatically means that no one’s checking your search results to make sure they’re accurate. When your investigator goes over everything by hand, he can eliminate any false positives that pop up. That’s simply not an option on one of these websites.

Second, these websites don’t have access to the same information that a licensed private investigator does because the people running them don’t have a license! That means they won’t be able to access any of the records that we’ve already talked about. Instead, these websites buy public records and upload them to their server. Unfortunately, the majority of these records haven’t been updated in years — meaning that if the person in question was convicted recently, you’ll never know about it!

OK, so how much does it cost to hire a licensed private investigator to handle your District of Columbia criminal search?

Less than you think. In fact, a private investigator might actually be cheaper than one of those data aggregator websites! That’s because many of those websites come with a slew of hidden fees. They’ll grab your attention by offering free or very cheap searches, but what they don’t bother to tell you is that you’ll have to hand over a chunk of money if you actually want to see the results! Or, they’ll promise unlimited searches — but what they really mean is that you’ll only get to perform these searches if you sign up for an expensive monthly or annual subscription.

But when you work with a reputable private investigator, you’ll pay one fee for each search. Once your investigator collects his money upfront, you won’t be asked to spend anything else. It’s a much simpler — and much cheaper — way to handle things.

And finally, a licensed private investigator will be happy to answer all of your questions. He’ll have a phone number and email address displayed prominently on his website so that you can tap into his expertise whenever you need to. That’s a far cry from the data aggregator websites that simply take your money and don’t provide any kind of contact information.

Ready to get the real story? Let the team of private investigators at Docusearch handle your District of Columbia criminal records search!

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