Press Release: Docusearch Releases 2022 License Plate Lookup Guide

Docusearch has just released it's 2022 License Plate Lookup Guide. The press release can be found here or by clicking this PDF: Press Release 2022 license plate lookup guide.

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Press Release: 3 Big Benefits of a Docusearch Background Check

Docusearch has published a new article which explains 3 BIG benefits of a Docusearch Background Check.  The Press release can be found here or by clicking this PDF: Benefits of a Docusearch...

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Press Release: 7 Benefits of a Docusearch Hidden Asset Search- PR October 28, 2021

Docusearch has introduced a brand new article explaining 7 benefits of a Docusearch hidden asset search. The press release can be found by clicking this link or following New Article: 7 Benefits of...

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New Article: The Benefits of a License Plate Lookup-PR October 12, 2021

Docusearch introduces a press release touting a new article about the benefits of ordering a license plate lookup from Docusearch. Read the entire press release here: 3 Benefits of a Docusearch...

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Find Current Place of Employment With Docusearch and Deal With Debtors- PR April 25, 2018

Docusearch team gives detailed insight into wage garnishment and how a current employment lookup can strengthen your case in court.  Read entire press release: Find Current Place of Employment With...

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Docusearch Spells Out Rules for Finding Social Security Numbers- PR April 3, 2018

In a new guide, the Docusearch team explains how and when attorney clients can find someone's Social Security number. Read entire press release:  Docusearch Spells Out Rules for Finding Social...

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Docusearch Publishes Guide to Finding Hidden Assets in a Divorce-PR March 13, 2018

Docusearch's licensed private investigators have advice for people who think their spouse is hiding cash or other valuable assets. Read Entire Press Release.

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License Plate Lookup Authority Still Dominates- PR Mar 01, 2018

Docusearch, a company staffed with licensed private investigators, is focusing its efforts on educating consumers about legitimate license plate lookups. As a result, more consumers are turning...

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How Do You Find Social Security Numbers for Your 1099 Employees? (PR 01-09-14)

Having 1099 contractors can be a whole lot easier than going out and hiring a bunch of W-2 employees -- except during tax time.  After all, your full- and part-time employees give you their Social...

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