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Arkansas Criminal Records Search Rated 4.83 out of 5 based on 6 ratings and 6 customer reviews.

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Arkansas Criminal Records Search Reviews:

“Thorough, Complete, and Accurate”

Reviewed 02-22-2021 20:30:22, by mamabearb   5/5 Stars
After going through at least 10 or so websites promising thorough search results, hundreds of dollars wasted, and almost zero accuracy, it was really nice to receive complete and correct responses quickly and accurately. Criminal arrest search with docusearch was thorough and accurate for past ten years of criminal history. I only wish I had found it sooner! Prices are completely reasonable and I am completely satisfied. I will continue to use this service for all investigative purposes. Thanks so much docusearch.

“Criminal Search”

Reviewed 01-04-2019 23:51:29, by Raymond W Hill jr   5/5 Stars
Appreciated the very rapid results on the two recent searches submitted....I wish I done this years ago...has given me peace of mind....Thanks

“Timely and Accurate!”

Reviewed 11-17-2013 22:00:32, by SM   4/5 Stars
The report that I received was accurate, and very professional. Results were not instant, it takes longer if records are found. Although, it is worth the wait; information is reliable.


Reviewed 08-08-2013 20:56:20, by California RE Broker   5/5 Stars
I have been happily using Docusearch since the 1990's and every penny spent here is money well spent. These people are thorough, professional and quick. They are not the cheapest around but their prices are fair and you get what you pay for. They provide a wide assortment of services but my favorites are the background searches and the criminal records searches. Information is power.

“Very Impressive”

Reviewed 08-27-2012 15:02:56, by Ian R   5/5 Stars
I was very impressed with the accuracy and detail of the results from a criminal court records search. Not to mention I recieved my results in one business day, very satisfied with the overall service.

Arkansas Criminal Records Search Rated 4.83 out of 5 based on 6 ratings and 6 customer reviews. BBB Business Review