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On the Web since 1996, performs a variety of investigative searches, both online and through proven investigative techniques, to obtain information on people and companies. Our clients include attorneys, private investigators, insurance companies, government agencies and private citizens.

Who Can Use Us

Docusearch can extend its services to virtually anyone who needs a private investigator. Although we don't take invasions of privacy lightly, there are many examples of warranted intrusions into people's cozy, fortressed lives. Consider the case of the mother attempting to collect court-ordered child-support payments from a deadbeat dad. Nonetheless, there are restrictions. Because not everyone is eligible to request some of the searches offered by our company, such as identifying someone’s social security number, clients should expect to be screened and explain how the information will be used. Eligibility will be determined case by case.

How We Stack Up Against the Competition

Some of the most common purveyors of information today, called information brokers, do just what their name denotes. They simply provide information. Information brokers are limited in the type and amount of information they have legal access to, usually public records. Conversely, licensed private investigators - ours, at least – know how to obtain information that isn't simply sitting in public repositories or in online databases waiting to be scooped up by any information broker who comes along. Moreover, most information brokers sell information without regard to whom they are selling to or their intentions. Private investigators, which are licensed by state agencies, are insured, and must adhere to the highest standards of accountability.

Other companies, many of whom operate online and often use tacky advertising to attract business, exaggerate their ability to retrieve useful information. These companies tend to buy information wholesale on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and are quite likely to miss items since their last purchase or download. In these instances, clients' needs might not be served by the databases in hand and the limitations of the keyboard operators or database managers performing the search. Docusearch, on the other hand, employs trained and experienced investigators who apply a career's worth of instinct to ferret out information just out of the computer's reach. Computer searches and databases are valuable, yes, but become all the more powerful in the hands of professional investigators.

Search Guarantees

Many of our searches come with a no-hit, no-fee guarantee. In other words, if we don't find what we set out to find, we won't bill you. Searches accompanied by this guarantee policy will indicate so on the search description elsewhere on this Web site. Restrictions apply, so be sure to read the guarantee policy for each search. BBB Business Review