4 Things Your Oklahoma Criminal Records Search Needs to Have

Oklahoma Criminal Records SearchAre you hiring a new employee? Picking out a new tenant for your rental property? Teaming up with a new business partner?

No matter the reason, an Oklahoma criminal records search can give you the full story about the person in question. But in order for your search to be a success, it needs to have these 4 things:

  1. A licensed private investigator

There is plenty of information that “regular people” simply don’t have access to. Having a license means that your investigator can dig through records and databases that are normally only reserved for law enforcement. If you really want the full story on someone, you’ve got to have a licensed private investigator do the digging for you. Otherwise, you could wind up making an important decision with a big piece of the puzzle missing.

Another big benefit to hiring a licensed private investigator? The good ones go through everything by hand. That way, you won’t have to worry about any false positives making it into your search results.

Oklahoma Criminal Court Records

  1. Comprehensive resources

OK, so a licensed investigator has a lot of information to draw from, but where exactly are your Oklahoma criminal records search results going to come from?

A good investigator will dig through:

– Oklahoma’s Criminal Justice Resource Center, which is a centralized database that lists all of the felony convictions in each of the state’s counties. These records contain details about people sentenced to a correctional facility, along with those on parole or probation.

– Specific county criminal court records, most of which are updated once a month. In these records, your investigator will see exactly what the person in question was charged with, the official case number, and the disposition date.

– Records from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, which contain specific details about everyone who is or has been under the supervision of the Department. Your investigator will be able to see all of the specific sentencing details, including which facility the person in question served their time in.

– Records from the Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry, which pays special attention to repeat offenders and those who have committed aggravated sex crimes.

– Records from the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry, which is an entirely separate database from the state’s main Sex Offender Registry. As the name suggests, this Registry is solely for offenders who are in the Kickapoo Tribe and consists of both offense descriptions and personal descriptions. It also includes a list of known aliases for each offender.

– Records from Oklahoma’s Violent Offender Registry, which goes beyond sex offenses and encompasses all violent offenders.

– Indexes of prior criminal records searches that were done in Oklahoma, including those done because of a county, state, or federal request.

Oklahoma Criminal Search

  1. A little bit of time

As you can see, there is a lot for your investigator to access, analyze, and double-check for accuracy! Clearly, all of this work can’t be done instantly, so you’ll have to be willing to wait. Luckily, expert investigators know exactly how to streamline these searches so that they’re fast, while still being thorough and accurate. (For example, here at Docusearch, our investigators can run your Oklahoma criminal court records search and get the results to you within one business day.)

OK, so it isn’t as fast as those websites that promise you instant results. However, those websites aren’t run by licensed investigators — or even anyone with an investigative background! They can’t access all of the resources that a licensed investigator can, so they settle for the next best thing — buying up old public records and loading them onto their server so that they can spit out information instantly. Unfortunately, these records tend to be at least several years out of date. Do an Oklahoma criminal records search this way, and it will be a complete waste of your time and money!

  1. An honest price

Speaking of money, that’s another place where your Oklahoma criminal search can go awry. Many of the instant websites promise to give you free searches, but that’s only half-true. Sure, you can type someone’s name into their search box for free, but if you actually want to see the results, you’ll have to pay for them.

Reputable licensed investigators simply don’t do business this way. Instead of burying hidden fees in the fine print, they’re open and honest about their pricing structure. You’ll pay a one-time fee for each Oklahoma criminal records search, and you’ll get the results and all of your questions answered without spending another penny.

You can get all of these 4 important things — and so much more — by turning to the team at Docusearch for your Oklahoma Criminal Records Search!

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