4 Must-Haves for Your New Jersey Criminal Search

New Jersey Criminal Records SearchWant to know the real story about someone — even the parts that they’re trying to hide? All you need is a New Jersey criminal records search!

But if you want your search to be a success, you’ve got to have these 4 things:

  1. A licensed private investigator

There are tons of websites out there that say they can do a great New Jersey criminal records search for you, but if you want the very best results, you need to hire a licensed private investigator. That’s because a license gives an investigator access to information that most of us can’t see. In fact, licensed private investigators are privy to information that’s usually just reserved for law enforcement!

Specifically, when it comes time to do your New Jersey criminal search, a good investigator will dig through:

– Records from the New Jersey Administrative Office of Courts, which include details about all felony cases dating back to 1984. Your investigator will be able to see a description of the offense committed, the official case number, and sentencing details.

– Records from the New Jersey Department of Corrections, which give details of all felons who have been sentenced to a state correctional facility, along with those who are on parole.

– Details from the New Jersey Sex Offender Registry, which gives additional details on offenders who pose a higher risk of re-offending (labeled by the state as Tier 2 and Tier 3 offenders). In addition to sex crimes, the Registry provides details for felons who have been convicted of kidnapping, criminal restraint, and false imprisonment.

– Details related to prior criminal records searches run in New Jersey as part of investigations at the county, state, and federal levels.

– Information regarding certain traffic offenses.

Because these records are updated every few weeks, it’s crucial that you hire a licensed private investigator. Without a license, you won’t have access to the most current information — meaning your person in question may come up clean, even though he isn’t!

New Jersey Criminal Court Records

  1. Work that’s done by hand

It’s not good enough to simply go through these resources. A good investigator will dig through them with a fine-toothed comb. By doing everything by hand, your investigator can make sure you end up with the most comprehensive search possible.

Unfortunately, this is a far cry from how most criminal search websites do business! Instead of being legitimate (or licensed!) investigators, these websites are nothing more than data aggregators. They don’t have access to the same things that a private investigator does, so they go out and buy whatever public records they can. (And because they can’t access the most current records, they have to settle for the next best thing — buying records that are usually several years out of date.) Then, they upload the data to their servers and set up the back-end of their website to churn out results instantly. Sure, you’ll get immediate answers from a website that operates this way, but there’s a really good chance that you’re missing a valuable piece of the puzzle.

Bottom line — the people behind these websites aren’t investigators. They’re data aggregators!

However, you don’t have to wait around forever to get legitimate results. A good investigator will be able to run your New Jersey criminal court records search quickly. (In fact, here at Docusearch, we can run your search and get the results to you within one business day.)

  1. A double-check for the details

In addition to giving you more details, working by hand also means that your investigator can eliminate the false positives that can pop up in these types of searches. After all, there’s a good chance that someone has a similar name, birthday, or Social Security number to your person in question.

When you use those instant websites, there’s no one behind the scenes checking your results for accuracy. Without having that hands-on expertise that a private investigator has, you could end up with information about someone else entirely! Are you really willing to make an important decision based on inaccurate information?

New Jersey Criminal Records Search

  1. A fair price

Besides offering instant results, one of the biggest selling points that the data aggregator websites use is that you’ll get cheap searches. Heck, they might even offer you free New Jersey criminal records searches! Unfortunately, the fine print tells a different story from the big, bold sales copy.

Yes, you can type someone’s name into the search box for a very low price (or free), but the good deal ends there. If you actually want to see the results, you’ll have to pay for them. On some websites, you’re actually forced into signing up for an expensive subscription service that you don’t need or want just to see your search results!

But when you deal with a reputable private investigator, this doesn’t happen. Instead, you’ll be asked to pay a one-time fee before your investigator gets to work. Then, when your results are ready, you’ll get to see them (and ask any questions you may have) without spending any more money.

It’s easy to see the difference that an expert private investigator makes… Just contact the team at Docusearch for your New Jersey Criminal Records Search.

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