4 Mistakes Most People Make When They Need a Kansas Criminal Records Search

Kansas Criminal Records SearchIf you need to check out a new employee or tenant, you need to do a Kansas criminal records search.

Just don’t fall victim to any of these 4 common mistakes:

  1. Trusting the wrong team

Head onto the web, and you’ll find a near-endless array of companies that say they can run a Kansas criminal court record search for you. But if you’re one of those people who simply clicks on the first snazzy website they see, the results of your search could be inaccurate, outdated, or just plain wrong.

The best way to make sure that your Kansas criminal records search succeeds is to turn the work over to a licensed private investigator. He’ll have access to better information, he’ll have the expertise to go through it quickly, and he’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

Look carefully, and you’ll see that most of those criminal search websites don’t have any kind of contact information on them. That’s a giant red flag! If you can’t call or email the people who are running your Kansas criminal search, can you really trust the information they give you?

Kansas Criminal Court Records

  1. Thinking instant results are the best

It makes for a great sales pitch — simply type a person’s name and birth date in, and out comes tons of information faster than you can blink your eyes. However, when you dig a little deeper, it’s easy to see that instant results are not all they’re cracked up to be.

That’s because instant results don’t come from licensed private investigators. Instead, they come from websites that are nothing more than data aggregators. They upload a bunch of information to their server, and then when you come along and search, the information comes flying out. Unfortunately, that means no one’s actually checking these results to make sure they’re correct. And, it means that your search is limited to whatever happens to be on the website’s server. If new, updated information has come out since everything was uploaded, it won’t show up in your search!

A good investigator, on the other hand, will take pride in doing your search by hand. He’ll manually check all of his resources and make sure that you don’t wind up with any false positives. Yes, that means you won’t get your search results instantly — but it also means that your search results will be a whole lot more trustworthy!

And, luckily, a good private investigator can work quickly. In fact, here at Docusearch, we can perform your Kansas criminal records search by hand and get the results to you within one business day.

Kansas Criminal Search

  1. Not asking where the information actually comes from

The information you get from those data aggregators is nowhere near as comprehensive as what a licensed private investigator can get you. That’s because licensed investigators have access to resources that are normally just reserved for law enforcement. No one will be able to get as much information — or get more recent information — than a licensed private investigator can get. In fact, a good Kansas criminal search will include:

– Records from the Kansas Department of Corrections, including felons who have been sentenced to time behind bars, as well as felons who are on probation and/or parole. These records contain specific details like what exactly the person was charged with, the official case number, where the crime was committed, and the final court disposition.

– Records from the state’s Sex, Drug, and Violent Offender Registry, including all of the details that the Kansas Bureau of Investigations has about a particular offender.

– Monthly updates for more than 500,000 offenders in Johnson and Shawnee Counties, including charge dates, plea dates, and specific details about sentencing.

– Records containing specific details about certain traffic offenses.

What about the information that those data aggregators have?

They have to settle for buying up whatever public records they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, in most cases, these records are at least several years out of date.

  1. Going along with sales pitches even though they seem too good to be true

Those data aggregators can put together an awesome sales pitch. In addition to bragging about instant results, they’ll also tell you that you can get Kansas criminal records searches for very cheap rates — or even free!

But what they don’t tell you is that it’s only cheap or free to run a search on their website. If you actually want to see the results that your search turned up, you’ll have to pay. In many cases, you’re forced into an expensive subscription just to see your search results!

A reputable private investigator won’t work this way. Instead, you’ll be told upfront about a one-time fee. After that, you’ll never be asked to crack open your wallet again.

Turn your Kansas criminal search over to the team of licensed experts at Docusearch!

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