4 Things You Can’t Do a Legitimate Utah Criminal Records Search Without

Utah Criminal Records SearchThere’s a big difference between doing a Utah criminal records search and doing a search that’s actually legitimate. Unfortunately, most of the websites you see offering to do the work aren’t remotely qualified to get you the information you need.

If you want to do a search that’s accurate, timely, and capable of helping you make an educated decision, you absolutely must have these 4 things:

  1. A licensed private investigator

If you really want to get the lowdown on someone, you need to go beyond the partial story that public records tell. A licensed private investigator has access to everything you need. In fact, licensed investigators have access to information and updates that are normally only reserved for law enforcement!

You’ll have to really look for an investigator with the right credentials, though. Most of the websites you see aren’t run by anyone with a license. In fact, they’re not run by anyone with any kind of investigative background or expertise! Don’t agree to work with anyone until you verify that they have the licensing that you need.

  1. Resources that make the most out of your investigator’s license

Even after you find a licensed private investigator, you need to make sure that he’s going to search in all of the right places. In order to do a proper Utah criminal search, your investigator needs to dig through:

– Records from the Utah Administrative Office of Courts, which is a statewide centralized database that lists every single person who’s been convicted of a crime, dating back to 1996. These criminal court records will give your investigator a description of the offense, the official case number, and the court disposition.

– Data that’s maintained by the Utah Department of Corrections, including details about every felon that was sentenced to a state correctional facility and/or probation. These records also include updated parole details, along with a description of the crime committed.

– Information from the Utah Sex Offender Registry, which lists everyone who has been convicted of a sex crime or pled guilty to one. The Registry also includes a description of the crime committed.

– Indexes of previous criminal records searches that have been done in Utah, include those done via a county, state, or federal request.

– Records related to certain traffic offenses.

Not only will a good investigator take full advantage of these resources, he’ll go through them all by hand. Working by hand gives him a chance to do a more thorough search, along with weeding out any false positives or other inaccuracies that may pop up along the way.

Utah Criminal Court Records

  1. A little bit of patience

Because of all the work that goes into a legitimate Utah criminal records search, you obviously won’t be able to get the results instantly. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to sit around and wait forever for them! Good investigators have the expertise to conduct these searches quickly, while still maintaining all of the thoroughness and accuracy. (For example, the licensed investigators here at Docusearch can run your Utah criminal search and get the results to you within one business day.)

While it can be tempting to opt for those websites that churn out instant results, doing so is a big mistake for several reasons.

First, the people who run those websites aren’t licensed investigators, so they don’t have access to all of the resources we’ve talked about. Instead, they buy up public records to give you. Even worse, these records are typically several years out of date.

Second, in order to give you instant results, all of the information already has to exist on the website’s server. By using pre-loaded information – instead of the most current updates that a licensed investigator can see – your search will never be as timely as it needs to be.

Third, because all of those instant results get spit out automatically, there’s no one double-checking them for accuracy. For all you know, you’re getting criminal records for someone with a similar name or birthday to your person in question.

Utah Criminal Search

  1. Honest pricing

Those instant websites don’t just shortchange you on the information you get. They also have a bad habit of charging you way more than you originally planned on spending!

Those websites love to brag about offering free searches, but what they don’t tell you is that you’ll have to pay if you actually want to see the results. You may even have to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription just to see the results of your Utah criminal court records search!

Licensed private investigators don’t work this way. Instead, they’ll charge you a one-time fee before they begin working. Then, once your results are ready, you’ll get to look at them and ask questions without being asked to spend anything else.


Ready to get great results from your Utah criminal records search? You’ll get them from the team of licensed private investigators at Docusearch!

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