3 Things You Can't Do a Proper Oregon Criminal Records Search Without

Oregon Criminal Records SearchWhen you’re digging into something as important as criminal histories and court records, you have no choice but to do the perfect search.

If you want your Oregon criminal records search done perfectly, you’ll need these 3 things:

  1. A licensed private investigator

This is number one on our list because it’s so vitally important! A licensed private investigator has access to information that most people are never allowed to see. In fact, licensed private investigators can dig through resources that are normally just reserved for law enforcement. As a result, the information you get from a licensed private investigator is going to be more thorough and more current than the stuff you get someplace else.

Unfortunately, most of the websites you see offering their Oregon criminal records search services aren’t run by licensed private investigators. Even worse, they’re not run by anyone with any kind of investigative background or expertise! Instead of using a license to gain access to important information, they simply buy up whatever public records they can find.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the records these websites typically end up with are several years out of date. So, not only are you getting a fraction of the information that a licensed private investigator can provide, you’re also getting old information that could tell a totally different story than what’s happening right now.

Oregon Criminal Court Records

  1. A comprehensive search that’s done by hand

Good private investigators don’t just have better access to information. They also have a much better work ethic than the people running those other websites. Instead of relying on automated software, licensed private investigators dig through all of their resources by hand. Not only does that give you a comprehensive look at the person in question, but it also means that your investigator will catch any false positives that may pop up.

Specifically, a good investigator will comb through these resources to do your Oregon criminal search:

– Records from Oregon’s Administrative Office of Courts, which means he’ll be able to see criminal court records for anyone who has been under the jurisdiction of the state’s court system. Your investigator will get a description of the crime committed, an official case number, important dates, and sentencing details.

– Records from the Oregon Department of Corrections, which provide specific details about everyone who has spent time in a state institution. In addition to sentence dates and release dates, these records also show the person’s current status (ie: parole or probation)

– Details from the Oregon Sex Offender Registry, including the specific crime committed and the police agency that made the original arrest. The Registry also notes whether an offender is a sexually violent predator.

– Details from the Umatilla Indian Reservation Sex Offender Registry, which covers all sex offenders that live on the reservation. In addition to a description of the crime committed, this Registry also includes all of the addresses that the offender has been known to live at and any known aliases that the offender has used.

– Indexes of prior criminal records searches done in Oregon, including those done as part of a county, state, or federal request.

– Criminal court records related to certain traffic offenses.

While this is definitely a long list of resources that will paint a very clear picture about the person in question, it won’t take a good investigator long to go through them. Expert investigators know how to dig through information quickly, without compromising the quality of the search. (For example, here at Docusearch, our investigators can run your Oregon criminal records search and get the results to you within one business day.)

Yes, this is certainly going to take longer than the instant results you’ve been promised on other websites. However, those websites really cut corners in order to spit information out at the click of a mouse. For starters, because they’re not licensed, they don’t have access to all of the things we just talked about. Whatever records they may have are uploaded to their server so that they can be accessed instantly. Not only does this mean you’re dealing with old information, it also means that there’s no one double-checking the results to make sure they’re accurate.

Oregon Criminal Search

  1. Fair pricing

Those other websites will give you bad information, and unfortunately, they’ll likely charge you an arm and a leg to get it! Many of them promise free searches, but that’s only half-true. You’ll be able to type someone’s name into the search box for free, but if you actually want to see the results, you’ll have to pay for them.

A reputable investigator, on the other hand, doesn’t resort to these sneaky tactics. Instead, you’ll know right off the bat how much you owe — and the investigator will make it clear that it’s a one-time payment. That way, you can read the results and ask questions without having to worry about spending more money. Read more about our Oregon Criminal Records Search.

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