Assumed or Fictitious Business Names Free Database Colorado

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El Paso County, Colorado Business Licenses
Data Source: City of Colorado Springs City Clerk
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Description: Lookup real-time city permits by permit number, type or business name. The only businesses licensed by the City Clerk are Alarm Company, Circus / Carnival / Menagerie, Coin-Operated (Game Room, Operator, Non-Operator), Concrete Contractor, Escort Bureau, Escort / Escort Runner, Excavation Contractor, Food Peddler (Peddler of Food Wares), Going Out of Business Sales, Pawnbroker, Pool (Billiard and Pool Tables), Refuse / Trash (Ash, Garbage, Refuse, Trash and Rubbish Hauler), Security Agency (Security Officer Letters), Security Officer (for new licenses only), Security Officer Renewal (for renewals only), Sexually Oriented Business, Taxicab Driver (for new licenses only), Taxicab Driver Renewal (for renewals only) and Tree Service.
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