What You Should Know about Instant Background Checks

Docusearch.comWhat You Should Know about Instant Background Checks

There is no shortage of internet based organizations offering to be your knight in shining armor when it comes to finding the information you need. Between potential scams for your identity and illegitimate businesses with hidden fees and subscriptions, searching for a reputable background investigation service can prove to be difficult. To make sure that you’re using the best possible service to protect yourself, as well as the personal information of the subject of your search, you’ll want to make sure that you understand the common myths and realities surrounding background check services that you may find online.

Knowing the truth about genuine background searches, such as those performed by licensed private investigators, and the limitations of unlicensed services helps any employer or landlord ensure that the company they’ve submitted personal information to is going to return a quality, up to date, and accurate report that will represent an individual with precision. Having this information also helps to determine if a possible service is actually a scam with intent to use that personal information maliciously.

When performing a search for a background investigation service be wary of free background check offers. These offers are most likely affiliates for subscription based information brokers that like to attract new customers with a free background search in order to collect commission off the subscription you set up. What they don’t tell you is that while the search is free, you do in fact have to make a purchase if you want to gain access to the information.

Often online background check services will promote instant results or unlimited searches with purchase. These offers are clear indicators that the information found in their databases hasn’t been updated in years. Since a law enforcement officer or licensed private investigator, with access to state protected information, can’t perform these searches instantly it doesn’t make sense that private databases would complete the same level of background search in almost now time.  Without current information, you’re losing the effectiveness of the background check and simply wasting your time and money.

Background checks are most reliable when performed by licensed professionals, like private investigators at Docusearch. Private investigators have the same access to information and databases used by law enforcement officials so the information is guaranteed to be up to date and accurate. And with Docusearch you can be confident that your background search request is handled personally by a trained, state-licensed investigator.

A Docusearch background check will always come from reliable sources and includes criminal and bankruptcy information, addresses, and identity verifications. Each report is put together by hand and delivered within one business day.

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